2011 Conference Program Committee

DATE: 6/19/2011


Min Chou (Chairperson), Sai Deng, Nancy Hershoff,
Haipeng Li, Mengxiong Liu, Shuhua Liu, Hanrong Wang, Karen Wei, Yunshan Ye, Bin
Zhang, Liana Zhou.

IS THIS AN Interim or annual REPORT?
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  1. During
    and after the Mid-winter meeting, the Committee Chairperson and the CALA
    Executive Director Haipeng Li, reached out to the following nine (9) ALA
    offices, ethnic caucus organizations and library associations with aligned
    interest in the program theme to co-sponsor (name only) the program. All
    of them have enthusiastically agreed to support:

    Their co-sponsorship
    provided more venues, in addition to CALA web, to publicize the program
    to attract a much broader audience with rich diversity and international

  2. The
    Committee Chairperson has maintained an ongoing communication with program
    speakers on their topics and presentation details. Titles and abstracts of
    speakers' presentations are all in the program brochure (attached).  Deep appreciations are owed to Sai Deng
    for her design of the beautiful and informative brochure - which provided
    an effective way for advertising this very exciting program through wide
    distribution to potential audience.
  3. With
    the guidance of the Executive Director Haipeng Li and the assistance of
    CALA member Win Shih, we have secured equipment usage and IT support (a huge
    saving for us on the equipment rental cost) for our program from our
    co-sponsors International Relations Office and IRRT of the ALA.
  4. Thanks
    to Sai Deng's artistic talent and excellent efforts, and with the help
    from Yunshan Ye, CALA webmaster Vincci Kwong, and Bing Zhang, the program
    website was set up to provide timely program information, speakers'
    profiles, sponsor information, conference news releases to CALA members (http://www.cala-web.org/node/1221).
  5. The
    program theme sets the tone for the 2011-12 CALA Presidential Initiatives,
    many committee members have volunteered to serve on the 2011-12 CALA
    Presidential Initiative Taskforce to continue the work on advancing CALA's
    mission and goals in promoting diversity and international librarianship.
  6. Under
    the leadership of the Chairperson, we have received generous donation
    money to support the 2011 Program and 2011-12 CALA Presidential
    Initiatives from the following Corporate Sponsors:
  7. SAGE: $1500

    Wisers: $1200

    Emerald: $1000


    Total:     $3700

    The Chairperson would like to thank
    CALA Executive Director Haipeng Li in particular for his important role in the
    successful fundraising achievement, and also greatly appreciate Qi Chen for her
    instrumental role in helping the Chairperson to reach out to donors.

    The Committee has decided to use
    some of donations to cover the program expenses that are not provided by CALA
    budget: i.e. honorariums to speakers, refreshments, a Kindle for free gift
    drawing to promote the program and to attract more attendance, etc.  Total expenditure for the Program is $1218.71.  Itemized program expenses are attached in the

  8. Committee
    members have volunteered to meet the logistic needs for the program.  Some will provide on-site help in room
    arrangement, equipment setup, technical support, etc. and other ins and
    outs to ensure a smooth and successful program.  For others who cannot make it to the
    ALA, they are helping us and with us in spirit.  In addition, Maria Fung, Songqian Lu and
    other CALA officers and members have generously offered on-site help as
  9. The
    program has been promoted widely through many channels: Co-sponsors'
    organizations, CEAL, OCLC-CJK, ALA Connect.  In addition, the Chairperson also created a Facebook
    Event for the program.  We have received many
    enthusiastic comments about the program. 
    It really promises to be a wonderful event with the great lineup
    of distinguished speakers, a great program theme to unfold 2011-12 CALA
    Presidential Initiatives, and strong support of our co-sponsors and
    corporate sponsors.

Finally, the Chairperson wants to thank each and all
committee members for their hard work to bring together a program we are proud
and excited to present to the CALA members and ALA attendees.  Special thanks to Haipeng Li, CALA Executive
Director, for his unwavering support not only to this program but also to CALA
in general as always.  It is needless to
say that serving at this Committee has been a most interesting and enjoyable

Respectfully submitted,

Min Chou, Chairperson
On behalf of the 2011 Conference Program Committee

Appendix: 2011 Program Budget and Expenses:

Funds raised for the 2011 Program and 2011-12 Presidential
SAGE: $1500
Wisers: $1200
Emerald: $1000
Total:  $3700

2011 Program Expenses Covered by Fundraising:
$500       Gift certificates for honorariums
for five (5) speakers
$114       Kindle for program promotion
and gift drawing
$30.65    Cookies, Hershey candies, napkins

Seventeen (17) Certificates of appreciation with certificate
holders to corporate sponsors, co-sponsors and speakers; cards to hold gift
certificates for speakers; and raffle tickets

(estimated - final total will be billed to CALA from the ALA at a later date)
For refreshment order

Total:  $ 1,218.71 (*estimated - pending final bill for
refreshment from the ALA)

Balance of the raised funds: $3700 - *$1218.71 = *$2418.29 (*pending
final exact refreshment bill from the ALA)