CALA JLIS Editorial Board

DATE: 6/15/2011

Min Chou (Chairperson), Xue-Ming Bao, Nancy
Hershoff, Manuel Urrizola, Mark Winston, Zhijia Shen
(ex-officio), Haipeng Li (ex-officio), Mengxiong Liu (ex-officio), Ying Xu (ex-officio),
Raymond Wang (ex-officio)

IS THIS AN Interim or annual REPORT?
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  1. CALA
    Board has recently approved the recommendations of Nancy for a
    three-year term of English Editor/Chair of CALA JLIS Editorial Board
    (2011/12 - 2013/14) and Scott for a three-year term as
    a member of CALA JLIS Editorial Board (2011/12 - 2013/14). Congratulations
    to Nancy and Scott. 
  2. Successfully
    solicited papers for the JLIS in many venues, and received more than 20
    manuscripts (that's quite a lot!). 
    Some papers were rejected, others were reviewed, and four papers were
    accepted after review process and sent to NTNU at the end of March for publishing
    in the April 2011 issue.
  3. The
    chairperson has worked with Nancy Hershoff on the transition of the
    editorial duties. Seven (7) manuscripts were received after April, and
    they were sent to Nancy for consideration for the November 2011 issue.
  4. The November
    2010 issue of the JLIS had some delay, and it was available
    online in April 2011.  It is very hopeful that the April 2011 issue
    will be published soon.
  5. The
    chairperson's farewell message:  With
    the conclusion of my term in June, I will take a new responsibility to be
    the President of CALA.  I want to
    thank the editorial team of the board for their dedication and continuous support
    in the past three years, and also to thank the reviewers for providing
    timely and thoughtful review reports.  It has been three years of tremendous
    experience and challenge.  The
    Journal has become well known internationally as it has generated strong
    interest from authors in many countries of the world.  I wish the new editorial board all the
    success in the coming years. 


Respectfully submitted,

Min Chou
On behalf of the CALA JLIS Editorial Board