Southern California Chapter Annual Report

CALA-Southern California Chapter

Annual Report 2011 

June 13, 2011


1.    Chapter
2011 Conference

February 4th, SCA Chapter held the 2011 CALA Southern California Chapter Annual Conference on
the campus of Soka University of America in Aliso Viejo.  The conference was well attended by CALA
members, librarians, library managers, and library school students from all
over Southern California. The conference was
kicked off with the opening remarks by Hiroko Tomono, Library Director of Soka
University of America and keynote speech Visionary planning: meeting the
challenges of 21st Century libraries
by Cesar Caballero, Dean of Libraries
of California State University San Bernardino. 
A diverse of topics were presented breaking into three sessions: Session
I. Reference & Instruction Services; Session II. Technical Services,
Digital Information, and Technology; Session III.
New Development of International libraries
n celebration of the Chinese New Year which happened to be during
the week of the conference, we wrapped the conference in a unique way with a
poem specially written for the event, titled "Chinese New Year in Illinois." The
speakers shared their insights and experiences followed by a series of lively
discussions on issues and concerns in the library profession during the current
tough economic times. 

SCA Chapter extends its thanks to Soka University of America for hosting our
Conference. Special thanks also go to the members of the CALA/SCA Program
Planning Committee for the excellent work in planning and organizing the
Conference, Joy Wang, Ying Xu, Tayna Cao, SCA Board officers Yongyi Song and
Ying Liu, and many long-term supporters of SCA Chapter Sally Tseng, Cesar
Cabellero, Wenwen Zhang, and Maggie Wang.

2.    Chapter

2011 SCA Chapter's nomination and election were held from February11th to March
18th. A total of 41 voting ballots were sent out to active chapter members; a
total of 26 voting ballots were received. We were happy to see the high voting
rate at 64% from our members.

elected officers are:

  • Xiwen Zhang, President, 2011/2012, 25 votes
  • Winyuan Shih, VP/President-Elect, 2011/2012,
    25 votes (96%)
  • Ying Xu, Treasurer, 2011/2013, 25 votes (96%)
  • Tanya Cao, Membership Chair, 2011/2012, 25
    votes (96%)
  • Ying Liu, Web Master, 2011/2014, 25 votes
  • Manuel Urrizola, Program Facilitator,
    2011/2012, 26 votes (100%).

SCA chapter extends its thanks to Election Committee members Joy Wang, Sally
Tseng, and Maggie Wang for their hard work, to SuHui Ho, Digital Services
Librarian of University of California San Diego for her able assistance in
designing the sound voting system for the online election,  to chapter members for their
participation, and to the elected officers for their willingness to serve.

3.    Chapter
Program at incoming California Library Association Annual Conference

SCA chapter is currently preparing for a joint program co-sponsored by CALA-
SCA and University of Southern California for the incoming California
Library Association 2011 Annual Conference
in November
at the Pasadena Convention Center, CA. Sally Tseng, CALA Honorary
Executive Director and Coordinator of this program, has been working on a
5-speaker panel presentation entitled Digital resources sharing: collaboration, trends and prospects during tough
budget time
. The proposal has been submitted to the California Library
Association Conference Committee.

--Ying Xu, Acting President, CALA-SCA