Membership Committee

Member Roster:

Hong Ma (Co-Chair)

Li Zhang (Co-Chair)

Bin Zhang

Xue-Ming Bao

Jie Huang

Guoying Liu

Is this an
interim or annual report?:
Annual report

List significant
activities the committee has done since last report:

1.The Committee continues to retain and reach out to CALA
members by announcing new members on the CALA listserv, sending multiple
renewal reminders to the listserv. The committee has also reached inactive
members with personalized emails.  As the
result of our outreach efforts, forty new members (3 new life members) joined
CALA, which included overseas members and organizational members. Four regular
members upgraded to "Life Member".

2.Online Membership Management System implementation
(CiviCRM). The Membership Committee worked closely with the Web Committee to
configure system settings and clean up data etc.

a.Data clean up: The committee went through individual
active member records, deleted duplicated records, verified multiple fields
such as email, physical address, and corrected expiration date to ensure
consistence between "Contacts" module and "Members" module in the system.

b.Customized email templates: The committee investigated
functionalities of the new CiviCRM system. Created email templates for welcome
email, payment received confirmation email, member's information update
reminder, renewal reminder etc.   As a
result, members were reached by personalized email messages.

c.Configured and defined member status: Simplified member
status with two valid values: "New" and "Current" and use membership type to
define life member, regular member etc. This is extremely helpful for exporting
records per election needs and management.

3.Finished 2009-2011 Membership Print Directory project

The Membership Committee worked closely with previous
co-chairs, the Fund Raising Committee, and the Web Committee to compile the
most recent membership directory: 2009-2011 CALA Membership Directory. We
carefully planned the last version of the hard copy of the directory. We sent
out "update/renewal reminder" four times to the CALA Listserv. We
compared printing price quotes to get the cost-effective one to print the
directories. We spent tremendous amount of time to put all information
together: acquiring correct information, editing and formatting 15 documents,
communicating with the Fund Raising Committee and the printing company,
creating precise mailing labels (excluding expired members, matching zip codes
with residential places and vise verse, contacting members for correct physical
addresses, etc.). In total, we have 500 directories printed for delivery to
active CALA members and vendors.

4.Worked closely with the CALA Election Ad Hoc Committee
and all Chapter chairs to generate/manipulate membership data per a variety of
report requests. The committee also helped to test email addresses, and
provided a list of members who needed paper voting ballots.

List committee
recommendations, if any, to the Board:

1.The CALA Board has approved that 2011 is the last year
to produce print copies of CALA Membership Directory and will only maintain an
electronic version in the future. The committee suggests that CALA allows the
online membership database open to all members, presenting electronic directory
in the format of collected members' data in CiviCRM like ALA does.  Thus individuals will be able to logon to the
online system at any time to update their information or look for other needed
information. It demands a lot of time to compile a PDF file of the membership
directory. It would be helpful if the Board can explore ways to place vendor
ads in other resources (for example, tie to CALA events, CALA newsletters,
etc). Therefore the Membership Committee will have more time to focus on
further implementation of online membership database (categorized groups,
integration with PayPal to mange payment etc), implementing outreach/recruiting
plans, or, developing activities to increase member
participation in CALA programs etc.

2.Currently chapter affiliations are automatically
determined by the residency of a member or where he/she works.  But what about members whose state/country
does not have a chapter, i.e., those fall under "ZY" category.  Members in this category may want to join
activities and/or discussion with an established chapter.  Leaving them in "ZY" and not allowing them to
choose a chapter make it difficult for them to participate in CALA events.  Examples include members in Hawaii, who might
want to join the Southern California Chapter, and members in Oregon might be
interested in the Northern California Chapter. 
The Membership Committee would recommend that allow members in "ZY"
category to choose a chapter.

3.Regarding membership expiration date, we recommend
follow the rolling year practice rather than use a fixed December 31 as
expiration date.  With the established
online system, it is much more workable in this way and is probably preferred
by our members.

4.Regarding Membership Categories: Non-salaried
Membership. The Board needs to have a clear definition/policy about who would
be qualified for this category.  Right
now, most retired librarians are in this category. There are members who are
part time only (paid hourly) etc. It was not clear if he/she is supposed to pay
regular membership fee or non-salaried fee.

5.It would be a good practice to ask the chair(s) of each
committee about member participation. In some special cases, some members may
never participate in any committee activities, but they can be serving on
committees year after year. Indeed inactive members should not be appointed to
new committees.