2015 Srategic Plan Task-force

2015 Srategic Plan Task-force



Annual Report:

1) Developed an action plan
2) Prepared a message to CALA members and sent the existing Strategic Plan to
the membership via CALA website in November, 2010
3) Collected Collected all CALA members’ response and communicated with the
member if necessary
4) Incorporated member's suggestions/response to the existing Strategic plan,
and sent a revised strategic plan to the Board.
5) Established a webpage (with help from CALA Web Committee) for members
6) Solicited CALA members' input for the draft version via CALA listserv.


  • CALA
    Board reviews and approves the 2015 Strategic Plan Taskforce to publicize
    2015 Strategic Plan via listserv and CALA Newsletter
  • CALA
    Board establishes a 2015 Strategic Plan Implementation timetable
  • CALA
    Board or CALA Executive Committee establishes new committees or task
    forces to institutionalize CALA initiatives and activities, such as
    Emerging Leaders Review and Advisory Committee, CALA 21st Century
    Librarian Seminar/Institute, etc.. Responsibilities assigned to: Executive
    Committee, Board of Directors, and Constitution and Bylaws Committee.
  • CALA
    Board approves an annual review process for the 2015 Strategic Plan,
    around 2012-2013.
  • CALA
    Board establishes new 2020 Strategic Plan Committee in year 2015.