CALA 2011 Annual Awards Banquet Arrangement Committee

The Report of

CALA 2011 Annual
Awards Banquet Arrangement Committee


The Committee:

Nancy Hershoff
Irene J Ke
Lian Ruan
Min Tong
Manuel Urrizola (co-chair)
Lisa Zhao (co-chair)

(closely worked with the CALA
Treasurer: Songqian Lu)



The Committee was appointed by the President Zhijia Shen in
February 2011. The Committee's charge is assigned to arrange the CALA 2011
Annual Awards Banquet. Because CALA does not have local members in New Orleans, the
Committee has to work remotely. 

What this Committee has done:

  • Worked
    out the price of the banquet with the restaurant. This year the price is
    set as: Members: $38; Nonmembers: $45; Student Members: $25; Student
    Nonmembers: $30;
  • Worked
    out the Menu of the Banquet;
  • Sent
    out 7 announcements and reminders to promote the banquet; and sent out the
    call for volunteers, performers and fundraising separately twice for each;
  • Till June 16, 2011, based
    on the CALA treasurer's update, the banquet will have about 70
  • Worked
    out the schedule of the complementary bus for participants going to and
    returning from the restaurant;
  • Worked
    out the invitation flyers and sent to members and VIPs;
  • Contacted
    the VIPs for the confirmation;
  • Will
    work out the detail arrangement of the banquet soon

The Committee members are very cooperative. Members give the
response on time which makes the discussion effectively.

Special thanks go to:

  • the
    Committee member Nancy Hershoff for her hard and
    prompt work on finding/contacting the restaurant, working out the menu and
    price, contact and finalizing the complementary bus;
  • the
    Committee member Lian Ruan for her fast and patient work on the invitation
    flyers for the banquet. She has presented over 20editions of the flyers;
  • the
    CALA treasurer Songqian Lu who is not the member of the committee but
    works closely with the Committee for taking care of the registration,
    updating the information to the Committee and replying members' question.
  • The Committee members Irene J Ke and Min Tong volunteer to work on the banquet day.

reported by

Lisa Zhao

Upon the
agreement of the Committee members