Report-2011-Annual_Occasional Paper Series (OPS)

Name of the Committee:  CALA Occasional Paper Series (OPS)

Member Roster (Please list Chair as the first name):

OPS Editor-in-Chief:

OPS Assistant Editors:

Is this an interim or annual report?  Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

OPS received four manuscripts from July 2010 to May 2011. All were recommended for publication by peer reviewers. After substantial editing by the OPS editors, three manuscripts have been published on the OPS site

Vohra, R. & Chou, M. (2011). Using internal grant to foster faculty-librarian collaboration. CALA Occasional Paper Series, No. 9 (May), 1-6.

Wang, Y. (2011). A primer on building the library mobile web. CALA Occasional Paper Series, No. 8 (March), 1-7.

Tang, Y. & Xia, Z. (2010). A study of subject service in Chinese academic libraries. CALA Occasional Paper Series, No. 7 (November), 1-6.

One manuscript is pending the author's response to OPS Editor's question about the use of statistical information in a personal communication citation. Xue-Ming Bao would like to thank the authors, reviewers and OPS editors for their time, effort and hard work during the review and editing processes. The reviewers and OPS editors were very cooperative when their assistance was requested. They provided many constructive suggestions to improve the original papers.

Xue-Ming Bao has been sending call-for-paper in the first week of each month via CALA listserv since July 2010. It seems that CALA members are responding to the calls.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

  1. Xue-Ming Bao will not seek reappointment of OPS Editor-in-Chief after his term expires June 2012. The CALA Board and Publication Committee should start a search for a new Editor-in-Chief.
  2. Two assistant editors' term will in June 2011 and three will expire in June 2012.  The CALA Board and Publication Committee may want to either reappoint them or search for different candidates.