CALA Newsletter Annual Report

CALA Newsletter

Submitted by admin in June 15, 2011

Member Roster: 

  • Priscilla C. Yu, newsletter editor
  • Sai Deng, newsletter editor

Is this an interim or
annual report? 
Annual Report 

List significant
activities the committee has done since the last report:

The Committee made three calls in February, March, and April
2011 to members to submit news of special interest, activities, and
achievements during the past year for the

Spring Issue of the Newsletter.  The Committee was very fortunate to
receive  many

excellent submissions. 
We also were very fortunate to see so many active Chapters organizing
conferences and programs with well-known international and national speakers. We
worked hard to collect and encourage members to submit photos with their activities.

Priscilla Yu collected and selected the various articles, pursuing
persons for photos and for more comprehensive news items. If there was an
important news of interest, Priscilla would write a draft of the story. She
gathered materials for feature articles, articles on conferences, chapter
meetings, and recognition of CALA members' achievements.  She then read and edited for grammar, spelling
and consistency the articles submitted.   These were saved in a Word file, to be
organized into categories and then sent to Deng for additional editing and
layout design.  After the drafts were
completed, Priscilla and Sai proof read them for changes/ revisions before sending
it out to be added to CALA's Website and CALA Listserv. 

Sai Deng designed the newsletter and assisted in editorial
work.  She was responsible for designing
the artistic aspect and laying out the newsletter.  She helped in selecting articles, and proof
reading the Newsletter.  She searched and
selected photos for the viewers.  She also
chose highlights for articles and worked with column names.  The newsletter was created using Microsoft Office
Publisher 2007 and then saved as a .pub file and converted to a PDF file for
wide distribution. 

In sum, Yu is primarily responsible for selection and content
editing and Deng  is  responsible for layout design and editorial

List committee
recommendations, if any, to the Board:

Please continue to encourage members to enclose photos with
news items.


Submitted by: 
Priscilla C. Yu and Sai Deng, co-editors