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Annual report

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On December 22, 2010, the committee received
Songqian Lu's Treasurer Semi-Annual Report. Songqian reported CALA tax return
filling issue and remedy efforts the CALA Executive Director, the President,
and the Executive Committee had made. 
She also reported the treasurer position transition and CALA finance
management issues. The committee
reviewed Songqian's Treasurer Report 1st Quarter 2011 and was
pleased with it.

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recommendations, if any, to the Board:

The committee supports the two suggestions that Songqian
made in her Semi-Annual Report of 2010. She suggested to hiring a CPA to file
tax returns for CALA and assist with CALA financial management professionally
and timely and to develop guidelines and procedures for CALA financial
management in details, including documentation of outgoing and incoming Treasurer's
transition process and procedures for daily routines and practices of CALA's
financial management.

The committee has highly  praised Songqian's hard work and appreciated
her contribution to put CALA's financial management back on track.