Frank Xu

Manager of Multilingual
Public Library    


Received MLIS (1993) from Clarion
University of Pennsylvania;
MA in Linguistics (1986) from University of Wales,
UK and BA in English (1978) from
East China Normal University,


Member since 2005; Member on the Committee of
International Relations.

Professional Activities:

of Employee of the Year of BPL in 2007; numerous awards, both to individual and
to the team, from PLA, Publishing Group and the local community organizations;
Organizer and leader of ALA-sponsored US Librarian Group to attend HKBF and
other international exchange activities from 1999-2007; Guest speaker on the
immigrants' service at conferences of ALA, IFLA, NE Mini-conferences, in HK,
Macau, and Mainland.

Election Statement:

First as a reference librarian, later as a manager of
the Multilingual Center of Brooklyn Public Library I have been working for 18
years in the front line of the public service. The accumulated experiences in
all kinds of services, especially the immigrant's service to Chinese community
has taught me one lesson: effective service always goes along with effective
promotion. CALA is exactly such a wonderful non-profit professional
organization that unites Chinese American librarians and provides a platform for
the members to voice their opinions and suggestions and to exchange experiences
as to what and how to service Chinese community and other cultural communities.
I wish to be elected to be on the board because I hope to contribute to CALA
with my leadership experience in the field of serving immigrants and publicity
skills in handling exchange programs, domestic and international alike.