Shuyong Jiang

Chinese Studies Librarian/Cataloging Coordinator


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  


Ph. D. in Chinese (2005); MA in Chinese (1994); and MLIS
(1996) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  BA in Chinese (1982) and MA in Chinese (1984) from
the East China Normal University, China. Currently working as Chinese Studies
Librarian and Cataloging Coordinator in Asian Library at the University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Principle Investigator/Project
Director, Think Globally, Act Globally, US-China Collaboration Project
(2008-2011); Official CALA Representative to ALA Diversity Council (2009-2011);
Co-chair, CALA International Relation Committee (2010/2011), CALA Treasurer
(2008-2010), CALA Newsletter editor
(2008-2010); President (CALA MW Chapter, 2007/2008); CALA Board of Directors
(2007/2008); Chair, CALA Publications Committee (2006-2007) Member (2007-2008);
Member, 21st century Librarians Seminar task force (2008-2009); Vice-President/President-elect
(CALAMW Chapter) (2006/2007); Chair, Public Relation Committee (CALA MW Chapter)
(2005-2006); Chair, CALA Member Service Taskforce (2004); Also a very active member/participant of CALA projects,
including CALA 21st centenary library seminars.

Other Professional Activities:

honors includes: ARCL Samuel Lazerow Fellowship for Research in Technical
Services or Acquisitions, 2008; Best Paper Award, 2007 LSC Annual Conference;
The Dr. Brenda Pfaehler Award of Excellence for Teaching; E.B. Fred
Fellowship; Vilas Fellowship.

Researches: A productive
researcher in Chinese traditional literature and librarianship; author of many
articles in prestigious journals, encyclopedias and books; frequent presenter
at conferences and panels. Most recently served as the associate editor of the
book, Chinese Studies in North America: Research, Teaching and Resources to be published by China Publishing Company, 2010.

hold in other professional organizations: Charter Executive Board member of
Society of Chinese Studies Librarian (SCSL) (2010-2012), Chair, Committee for
General Affairs, SCSL (2010-2012), Editorial Board Member, The Journal of SCSL
(2010- ). Coordinator, the CJK NACO Project of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging; Board member,
OCLC CJK Working Group (2007-2009); Committee on  Technical Processing, Council on East Asian
Libraries (CEAL), (2008-2011); Committee on Public Services, CEAL, (2002-2004).

Election Statement:

be nominated as candidate for CALA Board, I am here to serve and not for any
personal gain. I have worked in many positions in CALA. In past two years, I am
the official CALA representative to ALA Diversity Council. I believe that
diversity is much more than and beyond basic issues of race, gender and
cultural background. The diversity is one of the important elements that make
an organization healthily grow.  If
elected as a board member, I will work with others to promote diversity in CALA
for embracing different opinions, different styles and personalities of its members
and to encourage open and honest organizational culture.