CALA Resolution - 2011, no. 1

CALA Resolution - 2011, no. 1

January 8, 2011

Whereas the CALA Bylaws state that the "nominee who receives the largest number of votes for any office shall be elected" (See CALA Bylaws Article VII Section 4);

Whereas the action of the CALA Midwest (MW) Chapter Nomination Committee (2008-2009) to have selected a candidate who received fewer votes instead of the one who received more votes to be a winner in the 2009 election is unauthorized and wrong, and a violation of the CALA Constitution & Bylaws;

Whereas CALA is a registered professional organization subject to government rules and laws, in addition to its own constitution and bylaws;

Whereas CALA must protect its integrity and professionalism through this open statement;

Whereas CALA must safeguard its core values, to uphold the highest professional standards, to be accountable for the decisions made and always act in the best interest of  its members responsibly, legally and morally;

Be it resolved that CALA oppose the wrongdoing and the violation by the CALA MW Chapter Nomination Committee (2008-2009);

Be it resolved that the Officers of the CALA MW Chapter Nomination Committee (2008-2009) take the responsibility to issue a letter of apology to the two affected candidates and the CALA MW Chapter;

Be it resolved that CALA endorse the continuation of the current CALAMW Chapter president with her outstanding performance to the completion of her term, if she is willing;

Be it resolved that CALA Board initiate contact and encourage the candidate who won the election during the CALAMW Chapter election in 2009 to take on the CALAMW Chapter Vice President/President Elect  position for the 2012-2013 term, if he/she is willing;

Be it further resolved that an AD Hoc Committee/Task Force be formed to develop procedures to address the consequences caused by the wrong action of the CALA MW Chapter Nomination Committee (2008-2009) and to prevent such mistakes from happening again in the future.

Mover: Haipeng Li, CALA Executive Director
Seconder: Min Chou, CALA Vice President/President Elect