Board Meeting II Agenda, 1/8/2011


2010/2011 CALA Board Meeting II

ALA Midwinter at San Diego

January 8, 2011 (Saturday), 07:00 - 10:00 pm

Location: Hilton Bayfront-Aqua 304

All available reports are posted on CALA Web:
Please review, print and bring the Agenda, all the
handouts including reports, appendixes, proposals, recommendations and other
documents to the Meeting.
Please arrange the
documents according to the order in the Agenda.


I.          Welcome and Self Introduction

II.        Maureen Sullivan, ALA Presidential
Candidate 2012-2013
 (7:10 pm)

III.       Diane
Chen,  ALA Exe. Board Liaison to CALA

IV.       Sue Stroyan, ALA Presidential Candidate 2012-2013 (8:00

V.        Approval of Agenda


VI.       Approval
of Minutes

1.       CALA
Board Meeting I ((2009-2010) Minutes 7/13/09

2.       CALA Board Meeting III (2009-2010) Minutes

3.       CALA Board Meeting I (2010-2011) Minutes

4.       CALA Board Special Online Meeting (2009-2010)


VII.     President's
: Zhijia Shen

VIII.    Executive
Director's Report
: Haipeng Li

IX.       Treasurer's
Report and Finance Committee
: Songqian Lu (Treasurer) and Lian Ruan (Finance Chair)

Approval of the hiring of a CPA to assist with CALA tax filing and other             financial issues including
account management


2. Creating an inventory of CALA financial
documents and a mechanism to facilitate CALA's tax filing


X.        Approval
of Budget for 2010-2011


XI.       CALAMW
Chapter Election 2009


XII.     Committee

A.  Annual Conference Program Planning Committee
Min Chou (Chair)

B.   Annual Conference Program Planning Committee
Esther Lee (Chair)

C.   Awards Committee: Jen-Chien
Yu (Chair)

Questions for the Board

1. The CALA Handbook of
Officers states that, the Awards Committee recommends an individual for as the
Distinguished Service Award to the Board for approval. After the recommendation
gets approved (or not), who should  make
the announcement on CALA listserv and CALA website? Is it the President or the
Chair of the Awards Committee? And, should there be a deadline for the Board's
approval process?

2. Last year, the Awards Committee 2009-2010 was
asked to review CALA President's Recognition Awards nominations as well.
However that was not stated in the Awards Committee charge currently. Should
(or will) the Awards  Committee take on
tasks regarding other CALA awards?

D.  Best Book Awards Committee: Hong
Cheng, Shuqin Jiao (Co-Chairs)


1.Handbook committee description format:

While drafting the
BBC description for CALA handbook, we realized that the description formats
were inconsistent from one committee to another, some committee descriptions
are very detailed and some are very brief. We recommend that there should be a
standardized committee description format and requirement for each committee to

2. Obtaining books from publishers

Members from the previous Best Book Award (BBA) committee
expressed that the most difficult thing from BBA was to obtain the recommended
books from the publishers. We foresee this issue may be amplified due to a
larger scope of categories that the committee members have to screen and
review. All BBC members are required to read the recommended short list for the
final vote. We hope the Board will take a proactive role by encouraging
publishers to support this endeavor.

E. CALA JLIS Editorial Board, Min Chou


Approval of Nancy Hershoff to be JLIS English Editor and Chair of
CALA JLIS Editorial Board 2011/2012 - 2014/2015.


Approval of appointment of Scott Kass to be a
member at the CALA JLIS Editorial Board for the term 2011/12 - 2014/15


F.  CALA OPS Series, Xue-Ming Bao

G. Conference Travel
Grant Committee
: Yongyi Song, Dajin Sun

H. Constitution & Bylaws Committee: Nancy Hershoff

Approval of Temporary Appoint of Parliamentarian for
the CALA Board


Suggestions (responses and feedback to the committee charge):

1.The Board will need to work out and approve
detailed information (i.e. committee and chair's responsibilities, terms,
charges, etc.) about the three standing committees ratified in the 2008
election (the Membership Program Committee, Best Book Award Committee, and
Sally C. Tseng Professional Grant Committee). The Board will then forward the
official wording to the C&BL Committee, and lastly the wording will be
ratified by the general membership.

2.In order for the C&BL Committee to proceed
with the addition of the Conference Travel Grant Committee to the Bylaws, the
Board will need to supply the Committee with detailed information regarding the
CTG Committee and chair's responsibilities, committee charge, and terms. Since
there are standing committees that deal with grants and scholarships, it is
recommended that a "subject to availability of funds" clause be added
to the description of the CTG Committee.

3. The Committee will need the Board to further
deliberate and decide on the role, term, and qualifications of a
parliamentarian. Once the Board reaches its decision, a parliamentarian will be
officially appointed and put into practice for 2-3 years to see whether the
position will have to be ratified into the C&BL.

4. The Board will need to provide general direction
regarding chapter issues, i.e. the Southern California Chapter issue.

5. The Committee will need further direction
from the Board as to how to further define the power of the Executive Committee
and its relationship with the Board. As required for all changes/revisions to
be made to the existing C&BL, substantial justification for such changes is

6. The Board will need to clarify and deliberate
the representation of CALA with outside organizations, and then forward its
decision to the C&BL Committee for proposed amendment if necessary.

7. Handbook of Officers - The Committee
recommends that reference to the original sources be made in the Handbook. The
Committee further recommends that the Board discuss and deliberate clearly the
purpose of the Handbook and its scope, and directions on how to use the
Handbook in connection with the original sources. After that, the Board will
forward its decision to the C&BL Committee if any amendment to the C&BL
is necessary.

I.   Finance Committee: Lian Ruan

            J.  International Relations Committee: Qi Chen &
Shuyong Jiang (Co-Chairs)


1. To pursue further discussion with Shanghai
JiaoTong Univ. to develop seminar themes, contents, dates and draft agreement.

2. To pursue further discussion with Beijing
Normal University on suggestions and recommend the revision of the existing
contract between CALA and BNU seminar themes, contents, dates.

3. Continue current contacting with the above
mentioned libraries for future seminar opportunities.

K.  Membership Committee: Hong Ma, Li
Zhang (Co-Chairs)


1. If funding is available, send a post card to
each CALA member (including inactive, active, and life members) to wish them
Happy New Year. If no funding, may consider send an electronic New Year card
via the CALA-Listserv.

2. Make it clear in the online CALA Membership
Application Form that the membership payment is required with the application

3. Explain on the CALA website the ways that
international members can pay their membership fee.

4. Each CALA chapter to keep their own up-to-date
chapter member directory. This directory can be in Excel file format, listing
member name, work  place, and contact
information. The Membership Committee does not have excessive labor and time to
maintain seven different chapter directories.

L.  Mentorship Program Committee: Karen
Wei, Lisa Zhao (Co-Chairs)

M.  Newsletter Committee: Priscilla Yu
and Sai Deng (Co-Editors)

N.  Nominating
: Xudong Jin (Chair)

Recommendation: Approval of slate of candidates


O.  Public Relations/Fundraising Committee: Maria Fung
& Yi Liang (Co-Chairs)

P.  Publications Committee: Raymond Wang, Ying Xu

Q.  Sally C. Tseng's Professional Development Grant
: Elaine Dong, Liana Zhou (Co-Chairs)

R.  Scholarships Committee: Hong Miao,
Shu-Hua Liu (Co-Chairs)

S.  Web Committee: Bin Zhang &
Vincci Kwong (Co-Chairs)

XIII.    Reports
from Ad Hoc Committees, Taskforces, Representatives and Others


A. CALA 21st Century Librarian Seminar Webpage Project Taskforce,

Lisa Zhao (Chair)

Recommendations :

1. Transfer the CALA 21st Century Librarians
Seminar website to the CALA website; Web Committee
talk on the task in re-structuring and re-arranging the seminar web site

2. Disband the Task Force (Alternatively, the
Web Committee can absorb  some members).


B. Family Literacy Focus
Project Taskforce,

Nancy Hershoff & Dora Ho (Co-Chairs)

1. Discuss ways to continue to support and
further expand this project;

2. Discuss ways to secure additional funding to
keep the project going;

3. Revisit the unused matching CALA funds
approved by the Board last year.


C. Ad Hoc Officer's Handbook Taskforce, Dora Ho (Chair)

To change the status of the Ad Hoc committee
into a standing committee with the name changed to CALA Organizational Manual


D.  2015 Strategic Planning Taskforce: Liana Zhou (Chair)

E. Taskforce on
Donations for Natural Disasters
: Lisa Zhao (Chair)


Approval of Guidelines
for CALA's Fundraising and Donations due to Disasters.


XIV.    Other:
response to ALA Traditional Cultural Expressions Task Force Report: Mengxiong


XV.     Reports
from Chapter Presidents

A.   Greater Mid-Atlantic Chapter: Ming-sun
Poon (no report)

B.    Midwest Chapter: Ning Zou

C.    Northeast Chapter: Lina Ding

D.    Northern California Chapter: Jianye

E.     Southeast Chapter: Min Tong

F.     Southern California Chapter: Joy

G.     Southwest Chapter: Irene Ke