Executive Director Report

Executive Director Report


As we head into the new year of 2011, we, as an organization, are facing many challenges, as well as opportunities. Some of these challenges are common organizational issues; others are more specific to us as Chinese Americans librarians.

In the process of striving for excellence, we face the challenge of following our rules and procedures and abiding by our regulations and guidelines, even though they are already in place. In recent years, for example, we have had problems in areas that range from CALA finances, tax issues in particular, to chapter elections, in which cases our rules and procedures were not followed and our constitution and bylaws were violated. They are very serious issues which have put CALA at risk. As an organization, we have to raise our awareness of following our rules and procedures and provide adequate training to officers as well as members.

As Chinese American librarians, we also face the challenge of constantly trying to prove and perfect ourselves in the workplace where we are a minority so that our work can be recognized. This is a big challenge for many of our members because of the language and cultural barriers. CALA needs to provide support and opportunities to our members to assist them on their way to success.

These challenges, although challenging, also bring opportunities. Over the years, CALA has made large strides in many areas: creating opportunities for our members and launching new initiatives that involve many. In return, many of our members have developed a deeper sense of belonging, feeling connected to and being a part of the CALA organization. As a result, our membership has increased, our organization has become more visible, and CALA has been more recognized both nationally and abroad.

We have all witnessed the hard work our members have done for CALA, particularly in recent years. Committee members and chairs, officers, and many others have been deeply involved in many of our exciting projects which have also become professional development opportunities for many of our members. It is a win-win situation. We should keep up the good work and make larger strides in our strategic directions. We need to keep ourselves focused and work ourselves towards a brighter future that is lying ahead of us.

Happy New Year to everyone!
Haipeng Li CALA Executive Director