Mentorship Committee


Karen Wei (Co-chair), Lisa Zhao (Co-chair, November 2010- ), Vickie Fu Doll, Amy Tsiang, Diana Wu, Haiwang Yuan, Mengxiong Liu (Co-chair through October 2010).

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  1. The Committee was appointed by Zhijia Shen, CALA President, in August 2010. The charge of the 2010-2011 Committee was on the designing and implementation of the CALA Leadership Institute (LI) to address the critical needs for leadership training of CALA officers and members.
  2. The following discussion and understanding were shared by committee members:
  • All members agreed that an all-day LI is desirable and will achieve the goal of guiding CALA members to better understand and taking leadership roles in the organization. Members also agreed that under current economic climate and reduced travel support, the all-day institute may not be feasible. It will require financial support from CALA for each participant to stay an extra day for the all-day program to be successful. After consulting with CALA President, the Committee was encouraged to explore other options.
  • The Committee discussed the following alternatives to the all-day program for the CALA President to consider:
  • 1. Recommend that the LI be postponed until 2011-2012 to allow more time for fund raising to support an all-day Leadership Institute.
  • 2. Break the all day program into shorter sessions. This could possibly lose the momentum/integrity of a LI program if participants could not attend all the sessions. Scheduling for the date/time would also be challenging as the sessions will be in direct competition with ALA programs which are still in the working.
  • 3. The best scenario would be to hold a 2-3 hours of orientation that requires the attendance of CALA board members, committee chairs, and chapter presidents. This would be leadership orientation rather than leadership institute, and will address the following topics: 1) CALA Constitution andBylaws, guidelines and Handbook of Officers; 2) principles and concepts of a professional organization, rights and responsibilities of CALA officers and members; 3) leadership initiatives and opportunities; 4) outreach to sister organizations and ALA. The likely date/time: Friday, January 7, 7:00-10:00 pm.
  • 4. Highly recommend that the Handbook of Officers (, created in 2008 and revised in 2010, be widely publicized to current and potential CALA members who are interested in serving CALA in any capacity.
  • 5. Suggest a 1.5 to 2-hour program of short presentations by selected presenters who have presented in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in the past years. These short presentations will promote CALA's activities and the leadership role CALA is taking in working with libraries in China and librarians in U.S.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Wei and Lisa Zhao

On behalf of the 2010-2011 Mentorship Committee