CALA Board Special Online Meeting on Approving the CALA President's Recognition Award

CALA Board Special Online Meeting on Approving the CALA
President's Recognition Award

Jun 15, 2010

On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 10:43 PM, CALA President, Xudong Jin, called for a
meeting to ask the Board to approve the recommendation from the Awards Committee
on the CALA President's Award this year. Here is what he wrote:

Board of Directors:

This year, I nominated Dr. Shuyong Jiang and Mr. Haiwang Yuan for the CALA
President's Recognition Award. My nominations were sent to the CALA Awards
Committee. The Awards Committee reviewed all nomination materials and approved
the recommendations. The Executive Committee discussed this for several days
and finally approved my plan. Now I am sending you the nominations.  Please review the attached nomination materials
and vote immediately. We are working with a tight timeframe and would
appreciate everyone's cooperation to pass a vote from now to Friday, June
18th at 10:00 PM EST

Executive Director, Haipeng Li, responded to the email expressing a strong
concern about the president violating CALA's rules & procedures as well as
guidelines. The violations include ignoring the submission guideline by almost
3 months, misleading the Board about the Exe. Committee's decisions, and
rushing to decisions inappropriately and unprofessionally. He also  indicated that the call for vote is invalid
because "we have violations of the established Board approved  guidelines (,
any vote conducted without addressing the issue of the violation of these
guidelines will be nullified. No vote should be conducted at this point."  He further suggested the following:

1. The Board needs to approve if we make an exception this
year to break the rules we set up for ourselves;
2; The Board needs to make sure that specific steps are followed for any
3. If the Board approves the exception, and the nomination(s), then all
nominees who are board members should be excused because of conflict of

Li Zhang responded and cited sections in the guidelines which specifically
spell out the steps required for the process. Sha Li then made a motion:

Because the president's nominations were not
approved by the Executive Board yet, I move that the nominations of the
President's Recognition Award are sent back to the Executive Board for approval
before sending to the CALA Board for approvals.

Min Chou also
added that the vote will be invalid because of the violations of rules and procedures.
Further the Exe. Comm, as required by the guidelines, has not approved his
action and his plan to move to the next step. Min seconded Sha Li's motion.

Board member, Hong
Xu, raised a question indicating the confusion caused by all the emails and asked
for an explanation about the violation of rules and procedures. Xudong Jin
responded by giving his version of the process saying that the Exe. Comm.
approved his "make-up plan."  Sha Li
Zhang, Min Chou, and Haipeng Li, all three executive committee members,
responded negatively by declaring that being untruthful: the exe. committee
never voted to approve the  "make-up

Haipeng Li
provided explanations to Hong Xu by citing the guidelines first and then
pointing out the specific violations by the president:

1. The deadline for submission was missed by almost 3
2. The Exe. Committee never voted to approve the "make-up plan." It is
inappropriate and unprofessional to mislead the Board that the Exe. Comm.
actually voted on it. If Xudong insists, he should show the official voting
record to the Board.
3. In terms of the nominating package, Haipeng was never consulted or had even
seen it. He indicated that he saw the package the same time all other Board
members did. So it is untruthful to inform the Board that the Exe. Comm. had
actually approved it. The Exe. Comm. had not even seen it prior to the Board

Since no voting
record for the EC meeting was shown, Xudong Jin conceded and asked for an EC
meeting to discuss this issue.

The EC meeting was held from Thursday, Jun
17, 2010 at 7:39 AM. Xudong Jin called for a vote without any
discussions and stated that vote would end at 8:00 PM EST that same day, June 17th. He included five EC
voting members , and excluded  a
non-voting member who is a legitimate member of the EC.  He included Shuyong Jiang who is a candidate
in the nomination package and allowed her to vote for the other candidate,
Haiwang Yuan. Voting was conducted. Three voted Yes for Haiwang Yuan and two NO
votes.  Two voted YES for Shuyogng Jiang
and two voted NO.

After EC members
pointed out that it was illegal to exclude a legitimate member in the
discussion, Xudong Jin declared that the voting was invalid but wanted to make
an exception for Shuyong Jiang's vote. Haipeng Li pointed out that if the
entire process was made invalid, then no votes should be made valid
either.  Xudong Jin then issued a call
for a new vote. Thus all votes from the previous voting were made invalid.
Voting results for:

Shuyong Jiang: 2
YES and 2 NO
Haiwang Yuan: 3 YES and 2 NO

Xudong Jin then
made the voting of the Executive Committee invalid and started to ask the Board
to vote on the two nominees. He started the voting on Saturday, June 19th at
10:00 PM EST.  The two rounds of voting
ended at 10:00 pm on Thursday June 26, 2010.

Xudong Jin
announced the voting results for the two votes conducted:

Voting 1 (Shuyong Jiang):

8 YES votes

13 NO votes

2 abstentions


Voting 2 (Haiwang Yuan):

8 YES votes

13 NO votes
2 Abstentions

Therefore, the President Recognition Award
nominees for 2010 were not approved by the Board.  The online
meeting adjourned in on Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 7:10 AM.




6, 2010