President Report

December 20, 2010

Zhijia Shen

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The goal of the 2010-2011 presidency of CALA
continues to be to strive for organizational excellence, to reach out to
minority communities of users and librarians, and to strengthen further the
collaborative relations between U.S. and Chinese libraries.

During the
summer conference, CALA Board of Directors voted unanimously in support of the
ALA Spectrum Presidential Initiative with a contribution of $6,500.  ALA President Roberta Stevens, Immediate Past
President Dr. Camila Alire, ALA Past President Jim Rettig, together with ALA
Past President Dr. Betty J. Turock initiated the Spectrum Presidential
Initiative as a special campaign to raise $1 million for the Spectrum
Scholarship Program.   In recognition of CALA's gift, the ALA
Spectrum Scholarship Program has named Christopher Kyauk, a Chinese American
student at San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science
and a recipient of the Spectrum Scholarship, as the 2010 CALA Spectrum Scholar.
CALA is very proud to be part of this special
effort of American libraries.

At the recommendation of the Review of Emerging
Leaders Program Taskforce, CALA
Board also voted at the summer meeting to continue to provide funding in
support of two CALA members each year to participate in the ALA Emerging Leaders
program.  As a sponsoring
organization, CALA nominates two emerging leaders from its membership for ALA
selection.   This year we had two
outstanding nominees who have been selected as emerging leaders. They are Ms Min Tong and Ms Bonnie L. Fong.   The
2011 CALA emerging leaders will be working with ALA Emerging Leaders program
consultant and mentors to sharpen their organizational and leadership skills.

After the summer
conference, we completed the CALA committee appointments. I have been extremely
encouraged and deeply touched by the enthusiasm of CALA members to serve our
organization.  We have received numerous
volunteers for CALA committees, including many younger CALA members bringing
new blood to our organization.  To
provide more opportunities for CALA members to participate in leadership roles,
I made a special effort in appointments of committee chairs and co-chairs.   In addition to standing committees, there are
several task forces and Ad Hoc committees working on special projects.

There are several
initiatives through our committees and taskforces. Some examples are as
follows.  The 2015 Strategic Plan Task
Force, while continuing the tasks from last year, is to solicit membership
input to finalize the strategic plan for Board's approval and adoption. Once
completed, this strategic plan will guide our organization with goals for the
next five years.  The Mentorship
Committee is charged with special efforts to provide organizational and
leadership training for CALA members.  Ad
Hoc Committee on CALA Handbook of Officers is hard at work on improving the
CALA handbook to provide guidance for new and experienced CALA officers. One of
the committee tasks is to work with the Constitution and Bylaws Committee to
present a proposal for Board's approval to make the committee a standing

In response to
the suggestions and discussions of the Board at its 2010 annual meeting, I have
appointed Manuel Urizola for the temporary position of Parliamentarian of CALA
Board. The position is to advise the presiding officer and
other officers at CALA Board meetings on matters of parliamentary procedures
according to Robert's Rules of Order and CALA Constitution and Bylaws, and to
work with the Constitution and Bylaws Committee to propose a full description
of this position to the Board for discussion and approval.

has been proactive in the area of international relations especially with
China, through its outstanding partnership program with UIUC, Think Globally
and Act Globally (TGAG), and its 21st Century Librarianship Seminars.  Thanks to the successful programs in the past
few years, the Library Association of China and the TGAG
program hosted at University of Illinois and co-sponsored by CALA, have agreed
to extend the program for another two years. 


The CALA 21st
Century Seminar has received new interests from Chinese libraries. The CALA
International Relations Committee led by its co-chairs, Qi Chen and Shuyong
Jiang, has worked hard to identify more opportunities for the seminars.  They have conducted productive meetings with
academic libraries in China to explore new and various ways of collaborations
between CALA and Chinese libraries.

September 8 and 11th, 2010, the
China-North America Library Conference (previously known as the 5th China-U.S.
Library Conference) was held in Beijing. Four CALA officers attended the
conference. They were Haipeng Li, Executive Director, Shuyong Jiang, Co-Chair
of International Relations Committee, Shali Zhang, past CALA president, and me.  Thanks to the arrangement of Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee,
CALA attendees were invited to a dinner hosted by Mr. Heping Zhou, Director of
National Library of China.  At this
event, we presented a plague of appreciation to the National Library of China
for its contributions in promoting cultural understanding and library exchange
between American and Chinese libraries.  
We very much appreciate the good
relationship between CALA and NLC.  We
thank Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee and many other pioneer Chinese American librarians such
as Dr. Tze-chung Li, Dr. Ching-chih Chen, and Ms Sally Tseng, just to name a
few, for their efforts and contributions in developing great friendship and
building bridges between librarians in China and the United States.  We sincerely hope to maintain and further
develop this great relationship in the future.

In July, 2010, to boost CALA membership recruitment and to
encourage students to join CALA, Dr. Tze-Chung Li generously donated funding to
create the Dr. Tze-Chung Li Student
Membership Grant to provide students with one-year free CALA membership.
We thank Dr. Li for his unwavering support of CALA.

Also during the annual conference, we discovered that CALA
did not file tax in 2008 and 2009.   The
Executive Committee immediately worked closely together to fix this problem.  The Executive Committee voted to hire a
professional accountant to back file the missing taxes and worked together to
minimize the entailed penalty.  As a
team, we achieved the best solution possible and remedy for the CALA tax

These are just a
few of the many exciting activities and projects that are happening at CALA
through its dynamic committees, taskforces, Board, and chapters. I want to
thank members of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, chairs,
co-chairs, and members of CALA committees and task forces for their hard and
excellent work! Special thanks also go to Haipeng Li, CALA Executive Director,
and Songqian Lu, new CALA treasurer, for their excellent collegiality during
the transition of CALA financial work!