Meeting III Minutes 6-26-2010

American Librarians Association

CALA Board (2009-2010)
Meeting III Minutes

6-26-2010 Saturday 7:00-10:00 p.m.
Washington-Meeting Rm. 04
Washington, D.C.


Board of Directors present:  Xudong Jin, Haipeng Li, Zhijia
Shen, Sha Li Zhang, Min Chou, Hong Miao, Karen Wei, Shuyong Jiang, Lisa Zhao,
Haiwang Yuan, Li Sun, Ding Ye, Hong Xu, Jiun Kuo, Liana Zhou, Maria Fung, Yi
Liang, Manual

Requested & Approved
Lili Li, Vincci Kwong, Amy Tsiang, Bin Zhang, Jen-chien Yu, Dajin Sun, George Yi

Absence: Joy Wang

Guests: Diane Chen, Patty Wong, Ken
Yamashita, Guoqing Li, Irene Ke, Songqian Lu, Esther Lee, Raymond Wang, Sai

CALA President, Xudong Jin, opened the meeting at 7:15 pm.  Quorum was
reached. Before starting the meeting Xudong Jin asked for volunteers for taking
photos for all CALA events in D.C. at the request of both Newsletter Editors.
Zhijia Shen and Min Chou volunteered. Sai Deng also agreed to take photos where
she could.

Self introductions

Self introductions were conducted.

II. Approval
of Agenda:

One agenda was added: Diversity Council Report from Shuyong Jiang.
Approval of the agenda with the addition was conducted and approved.

III. Approval
of Meeting minutes:

Motion to approve minutes was made by Manuel Urrizola and seconded
by Maria Fung. Voting was conducted. 13 voted Yes and 5 abstained (those who
were not present at the Boston
meeting). The motion passed.

IV. Guests speakers:

Patty Wong presented to the Board her thoughts on the Camila Alire's Presidential Family Literacy Project. She indicated that all
information on the project was online. All caucuses presented poster sessions
and she praised how hard all caucuses worked and pulled everything together in
a short time. She also thanked CALA for its support and participation in the
project on behalf of Camila.

Diane Chen, ALA Executive Board liaison, also updated CALA on what ALA's initiatives and
events. By Saturday, the number of attendees to ALA Annual in D.C. was 24,000.
Currently ALA
membership is 62,251, and personal membership is up.

ALA's 2015 strategic
plan has been forwarded to Council for discussion and adoption at Annual. ALA will also continue
its commitment to literacy, intellectual freedom, diversity, and equity of
access. Also a lot of new membership information is added to the ALA website for those
who are interested. Diane also talked about the ALA Presidential Spectrum Initiative.
She indicated that the "Dinners for Spectrum Scholars" was in full swing
across the country. She had read that all other four caucuses had made
contributions/pledges to support the initiative and was wondering where CALA
was in this process. Diane also updated us on the Haiti Library reconstruction
indicating that ALA
members could have a new way to help building libraries in the disaster areas
by "texting" donations of $10 their cell
phones which is tax deductable. She also talked briefly about ALA President of
2010-2011 "our authors and our libraries" initiative.

Support for ALA
Presidential Spectrum Scholarship Initiative

Background information: three ALA presidents: Jim Rettig, Camila Alire,
Roberta Stevens, together with Betty Turock, launched the ALA Presidential
Spectrum Scholarship Initiative whose aim was to raise $1 million to support
the ALA Spectrum Scholarship Program. Two ALA
presidents, Jim Rettig and Camila Alire came to talk to the CALA Board at ALA midwinter in Boston
and asked CALA for support.

Discussions were held whether CALA should support
such a program. Zhijia Shen moved that CALA
support the ALA
Presidential Spectrum Scholarship Initiative
which was seconded by Shuyong
Jiang. Voting was conducted and the motion passed unanimously.

Then discussion turned to how much CALA should
support. Some concerns were raised that CALA's finances should be considered
first before making that decision. Clarification was given that this would be a
one time thing instead of an ongoing commitment on a regular basis. Min Chou
indicated that ALA
has a naming opportunity where if the minimum of $6,500 was met, then the
organization or individual's name could be attached to the scholarship, for
example, CALA Spectrum Scholarship. This received much interest from the Board.
Zhijia Shen then moved that CALA support
ALA Presidential Spectrum Scholarship
Initiative by using the naming opportunity to name the scholarship ALA Spectrum
The motion was seconded by Hong Miao. Voting was conducted and
the motion was passed unanimously.

VI. Awards Committee

Wang, on behalf of the Awards Committee, reported and explained to the Board
the recommendation, which has the following regarding Criteria #3 for award

Original wording:

There shall be no age, sex,
nationality, length of service to the profession, or other limitations other
than those specified above. The recipient need not be a member of the

Committee recommended wording:

Criteria #3. There shall be no special consideration for or
against a candidate's age, gender, or length of service to the profession. The
recipient needs to be of Chinese origin, and a member of CALA (the
Association). Self-nomination is accepted.

Board approved

There shall be no consideration for or against a candidate's
age, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or length of service to
the profession. The recipient needs to be a member of CALA.

A motion was made by
Liana Zhou to approve this new wording, seconded by Zhijia Shen. The motion
passed by vote unanimously.

Best Book Awards Committee

The Best Book Awards
Committee made a recommendation to downsize the award categories from four to
two: adult fiction and children's
fiction. Discussions were held. The Board questioned the purpose of this
committee and the awards. There have been some difficulties in giving out award
certificates or winners coming or contacting us to receive the awards who
either do not care about CALA or were lack of resources to come to the CALA
banquet. After some discussions, the Board felt that the focus of the committee
should be changed. A suggestion was made for the committee to come up with a
list of best books to recommend each year to those interested, libraries and
individuals. Shuyong moved that the Best
Book Awards Committee produce a lit of best books each year to recommend to
which was seconded by Hong Miao. The motion was approved by vote


Editorial Board moves to renew another term (2010/11 - 2012/13) for
Manuel Urrizola and Xue-ming Bao on the CALA JLIS Editorial Board.
Voting was conducted. All voted YES except
one abstention.

IX. Constitution & Bylaws

The C&BL Committee moves that Training for CALA officers in the
Constitution and Bylaws be a required component of officer transition in CALA

motion was approved by vote unanimously.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee moves that the CALA Membership Directory be published online with password access and
to print on demand only
. Voting was
conducted. All voted YES and the motion carries.

XI. Publications Committee

The Publications Committee recommends continuing
the appointment of David Hickey to serve as assistant OPS editor for another
. Voting was conducted. All
voted YES and the motion carries.

XII. Scholarships
The Scholarship Committee recommends offering
scholarship to part time students
was conducted. All voted YES and the motion carries.

XIII. Web Committee  

The Web Committee recommends the upgrading
of the current web hosting plan to one that provides more system.
Voting was conducted. All voted YES and the
motion carries.

XIV. Review of Emerging Leaders Program Taskforce
The Taskforce recommends that CALA continue to support two members per
year, if budget allows, to  participate in the ALA ELP program.
Voting was conducted. All voted YES and the motion carries.

XV. Diversity Council Report by Shuyong Jiang. Shuyong reported that there were
75 spectrum scholars this year. ALA
will increase its efforts to recruit more at the high school level and will
enhance communication with ethnic caucuses.

It was 10:00 pm. Shuyong voted to
adjourn the meeting. Hong Miao seconded. The motion was approved by voting.

Respectfully Submitted