Meeting I Minutes 7-13-09

American Librarians Association
CALA Board (2009-2010) Meeting I Minutes
7-13-09 Monday 8:00-10:00 a.m.

Hyatt Regency Chicago Columbus Hall C/D
ALA 2009 Annual Conference, Chicago, IL
Revised 9-2-09


Board of Directors present:  Xudong Jin, Haipeng Li, Sha Li Zhang, Min
Chou, Vincci Kwong, Yi Liang, Zhijia Shen, Amy Tsiang, Karen Wei, Hong Xu,
Jen-chien Yu, Liana Zhou, Maria Fung, Hong Miao, Manual Urrizola.

Absence Requested & Approved: Dajin Sun,
Jiun Kuo, Bin Zhang, Shuyong Jiang, Lisa Zhao, Haiwang Yuan, Yongyi Song.

Absent: Lili Li, Li Sun,  Ding Ye,  Zhixian (George) Yi.

Guests: Guoqing Li

Sha Li Zhang called the meeting to order at 8:30
am.  Sha Li welcomed everyone and started
the transition process of the CALA presidency. She passed on the torch to
Xudong who thus officially became the CALA president 2009-2010.Xudong then took
over the presiding over the meeting.

Self introductions of Board members were conducted.

Approval of Agenda
Haipeng amended the agenda by moving the unfinished business from the last
Board meeting to an earlier item to become IV, adding an action item of
changing the Ad Hoc Travel Grant Committee to a standing committee. Motion was
made by Manuel Urrizola and seconded by Min Chou. Approval by Board was unanimous.

Unfinished/Old Business
IX. B. Best Book Award Committee:
recommendations come from the Exe. Committee other than the Best Book
Committee. Discussion around the value of the work done by the committee, the
process of nominations, and procedures of contacting nominees were discussed.
The Board recognized the hard work by the committee, but it has been a real
problem of contacting the nominees and giving out the awards. In general the
nominees/recipients never come to the Award banquet to receive the awards. Each
year, plaques are made for them but no one comes to receive them. Logistically
it has also become an issue as it costs money to buy books to review and make
the plaques, and takes efforts to bring them to the banquet, and then take them
back as no one at the banquet was there to receive them. Suggestions include
the committee focusing on emerging authors, exploring various categories, or
limiting to CALA members.  Min Chou
expressed concerns of limiting the best book award to CALA members only.  The Board felt that all the recommendations were worth
exploring and would
like to have the committee next year to work on them. Liana moved that the
Board approve the suspension of the nomination process for next year, having
the committee review current practice and procedures and submit the final
report to the Board for consideration. The motion was seconded by Amy Tsiang.
All approved except Min Chou who abstained.

IX. F. Constitution & Bylaws
: The Committee recommends that only formal concerns with proper
documentation brought to the attention of the comm. be reviewed and acted on,
with possible solutions to the Board for consideration; and referring issues
relating to uncontested elections to the Nominating Committee through the
President. Discussions were held and voting was conducted. Approval was

IX. G. Finance Committee: An
amendment was made to add item e. Take actions immediately to section 1.
Therefore the action items from the committee are:

regards to the bank accounts of over $74,638.91, bearing less than 1 %
interest, and the stock market is very volatile, the Committee recommends the
Treasurer to find a neighborhood bank with a high FDIC-insured CD yield for a
year (e.g., 2.50 % at the First American International Bank for a year, or
check with and:

$20,000.00 in the bank for daily operation.

the China Earthquake Fund of $10,800.00 be distributed to China by its
Taskforce within a month or two, in order to clear the Fund.

the Life Membership Fund (restricted) of $11,000.00 in a new annual CD for more

the remaining $32,812.60 plus the newly raised sum of $7,750.00 (once all
received) to two new CDs for a little more interest.

actions immediately

means : 

the six investment accounts alone (five in Vanguard and one in Janus), so that
when the economy changes for the better, those funds will rise with the stock

the Sally Tseng Grant account of $1,020.72 separate, so that the $2,750.00
raised recently for it will soon be added to that Grant.

new Life Membership Fund to the existing account with $26.31, because
$11,000.00 would be taken out for a new CD.

Amendment was
moved by Manuel Urrizola and seconded by Min Chou. Approval was unanimous.


I. Membership Committee recommendations:

1. Committee recommends that an electronic version of the CALA Membership Print
Directory be put on the CALA website for the purpose of easier access by CALA
members. Amendment was made to make an electronic version of the CALA
Membership Print Directory on the CALA website closed to only CALA
members.  The amendment was made by
Manuel Urrizola, seconded by Jen-chien Yu. Voting was conducted and the motion

2. The original CALA Listserv was designed to be an "Open list". The committee
commends that CALA Listserv should stay as an "Open list" (open to
everyone) rather than a "Closed list" (Only open to CALA members). Board
favored the recommendation and voting was conducted. All approved except Min
Chou who abstained. Motion passed.
IX. N. Publications Committee Action
1. The Publications Committee (2009-2010) should work closely with the OPS
Editor-in-Chief on the recommendation of one OPS editor when the term of David
Hickey ends in June 2010; 2.  Continue
the project, "Spotlight on CALA Members";
3.  Review the new CALA Web site and make
recommendations for improvements to the Web Committee.
All three items are approved by the Board. The next item came from the Greater
Mid-Atlantic Chapter regarding the CALA 30 year commemorative book.
4. Authorize chapters to give each new member a copy of the book as an incentive
and a benefit as a new member but also as a recruitment tool.  The Board thought it was a good idea. Voting
was conducted and the motion was approved.

X. B. Organizational Manuals Taskforce
1. The Board reviews the six documents completed by the Organizational Manual
Taskforce, and if acceptable, approves them in principle as working documents.
2. Posts the completed documents on CALA website.
3. CALA officers and committees concerned use the finalized manuals, and
provide feedback, if any, for further revision. Discussions were held and an
amendment was made to #2 as amended: 
Posts the completed documents on CALA website with restrictions, amended
by Sha Li Zhang. The amendment was moved by Liana Zhou and seconded by Manuel
Urrizola. Voting was conducted and approval was unanimous.

X. D. CALA Travel Grant Ad Hoc Committee
recommendation:  change the ad hoc
committee to a standing committee. Manuel Urrizola moved, seconded by Hong
Miao. Voting was conducted and approval was unanimous.

President's Report: Xudong Jin reported that
committee appointments are still ongoing and will be completed soon. Once
that's done, the CALA website will be updated with new committee information.

Director's Report: Haipeng Li reported that this past year had been a wonderful
year for CALA under the outstanding leadership of Sha Li Zhang. He thanked Sha
Li for the great work she did which continued to sustain the efforts of CALA's
activities and promoted the visibility of CALA to a higher level, both
nationally and internationally. We were also looking forward to work under
Xudong Jin's leadership as the new president.

New Business
ALA President Camila Alire's New
Initiative Task Force
: This is of urgent matter as the deadline for
proposal is due Sept. 15, 2009. The Board authorized new CALA President Xudong
Jin to appoint a task force to work on it. Motion was moved by Min Chou and
seconded by Liana Zhou.

At 10:00 am. Zhijia Shen moved to adjourn the
meeting, seconded by Amy Tsing. Motion was approved by the Board. The meeting
adjourned at 10:00 am.

submitted by

Haipeng Li