Taskforce on Donations for Natural Disasters


Esther Lee

Shuhua Liu

Sally Tseng

Karen Wei

Lisa Zhao (chair)

This Taskforce was appointed in year 2009/2010 by the past
president Xudong Jin. The responsibility for the Taskforce is to draft a
guideline using in aiding the future decision of CALA donation to natural

The Taskforce has made a draft and sent to the Board before
the 2009 CALA Board meeting at Washington
DC during the ALA 2009 Annual Conference. The Board discussed the
Guideline at the meeting in DC and asked the Taskforce revise the Guideline specially
on the region the Guideline covers, and reword some paragraphs.

The Taskforce has carefully reviewed and revised the
Guideline. The main changes is the purpose of the Guideline and the wording in
the whole document regarding the coverage of the region. The attached is a new
version the Taskforce revised according the Board suggestion. 

This Taskforce recommends

* The Board reviews the Guideline;

* Put it in use for CALA considering donation in the future
case if there is no further change.

* Let CALA members know the existence of the Guideline.

Reported respectfully by

Lisa Zhao (Chair)