2011 Conference Program Planning Committee


Min Chou (Chairperson), Sai Deng, Nancy Hershoff,
Haipeng Li, Mengxiong Liu, Shuhua Liu, Hanrong Wang, Karen Wei, Yunshan Ye, Bin
Zhang, Liana Zhou.

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  1. In
    June 2010, the following conference theme, date, time, and list of
    speakers have been submitted to the ALA
    to meet the deadline for inclusion in the 2011 ALA programs:

Program Title: Embracing the
Changes: Diversity and Global Vision in a Digital Age
Theme: The program is designed to spearhead changes within the library
profession through meaningful discussions on challenges facing libraries today,
such as issues of cultural diversity as related to the library profession,
global outreach and collaboration, and impact of new technology on library
Time and Place: Sunday, June 26, 2011 from 1:30p.m. to 3:30p.m. in New Orleans, LA.
Keynote Speaker:
Betty Turock, Former ALA President, Professor Emeritus, School of Communication
and Information, Rutgers University 
Panel Speakers:
Michael Dowling, Director of International Relations Office, ALA
Miguel Figueroa, Director of Office for Diversity and OLOS, ALA  
Clara Chu, Chair and Professor, Department of Library and Information Studies,
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Michael Porter, Web Junction, LJ Mover and Shaker 2009, and ALA

  1. The
    Committee has planned to design a program poster with theme and speakers'
    profiles to promote the program. 
    The Committee has also identified some venues, in addition to CALA
    web, to publicize the program.
  2. Committee
    members have volunteered to meet the logistics needs for the program (i.e.
    room arrangement, equipment setup, technical support, etc. and other ins
    and outs to ensure a smooth and successful program).
  3. The
    Committee chair has begun to work with speakers on their topics and
    presentation details.


The 2011 program planning has proceeded very well, and the
chairperson attributes the good results to the collective efforts of a
wonderful team where every member in the committee is so dedicated, supportive,
resourceful, enthusiastic, and extremely professional!


Respectfully submitted,

Min Chou
On behalf of the 2011 Conference Program Planning Committee