Southern California Chapter

2010/2011 Southern California
Chapter Board Officers:

President: Joy Yi Wang, E-mail:
Program Facilitator:  Kuei Chiu, E-mail:
Membership Chair:  Lulu Wang, E-mail:
Secretary and Treasurer: Ying Xu, E-mail:
Immediate Past President:  Yongyi song, E-mail:
Web Master:  Ying Liu, E-mail:  

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Revision of CALA/SCA Board Election

One important item discussed in the past board meeting is
revision of CALA/SCA Board Election Procedure. It was revised in Nov. 2009 at
CALA/SCA Board meeting during 2009 California Library Conference. To give each
President an opportunity to lead the event of CALA program at CLA (California
Library Association) which is held every two years in Southern
California, it was agreed and decided by CALA/SCA board members
that Chapter Vice President/President-Elect serves a 2-year term instead of
1-year term. And the details of CALA/SCA Board Election Procedure can be found

CALA/SCA past and upcoming activities

There were no programs and
activities by CALA/SCA since 2010 ALA Annual, but CALA/SCA Program Planning Committee has been formed and busy with preparing
for the "Call for Proposal" conference which will be held on Friday, Feb. 4,
2011 at Soka University of America.  In
order to provide a diverse conference programs, the Committee is inviting all
proposals for 20 minutes session on a variety of topics including but not
limited to:

  • Library programs and services to diverse population
  • Emerging trends in libraries, case studies, research
  • Public speaking skills
  • New generation of library catalog or Implementation
    of web-scale discovery services
  • Electronic resources management including e-books and
  • Cataloging standards, technical services workflow,
    and data maintenance
  • Digital initiatives
    (including institutional repository, digital archives, finding aids, web
    development and use of web 2.0 technologies) .

committee will start to review all the proposals recevied right after the
submission deadline of Dec. 17 and  send
out the final program after receiving the abstracts from the interested

New CALA/SCA members

CALA/SCA recently is very happy to welcome 4 new
members from Southern California to join CALA:

Henry Chang (Life member, Braille Library, Los Angeles)

Tanya Cao  (Chapman University)

Yuan Liang (Soka Univeristy of America)

Gan Ye (Pepperdine


Chapter member's achievement

chapter would like to congratulate Yongyi Song, past President of
CALA-SCA from California State University,
Los Angeles library on his publication of Database on China's
Anti-Rightist Campaign and thank
him for his efforts on preserving a very important part of contemporary Chinese
history. Yong Yi served as the Chief Editor of the first and the largest
CD-RAM Database on China's
Anti-Rightist Campaign (1957-)  and with
his years of countless efforts on research on this topic,  it  was
published in July 2010 by the Center for China Studies and Chinese University
Press at Chinese University
of Hong Kong. This database contains enormous
quantity of primary materials and over half of which has been re-collated, and valuable historical record.
Many major media in both English and Chinese such as Voice of America, The
China Journal
, Journal of East Asian Library, Radio of Free Asia  reported the publication of database positively.  This invaluable database preserves both the truth of
contemporary Chinese history and the collective memory of the Chinese people.

Respectfully submitted:

By Joy Wang (CALA/SCA President, 2010-2011)

Nov.30, 2010