Webpage of CALA 21st Century Librarians Seminar Series

Zhimin Chen
Mingyan Li,
Dongyun Ni
Minglu Wang
Zhixian Yi
Ning Zou

This Taskforce's task as the president Zhijia Shen appointed is to improve and implement the web-page (http://uic.edu/depts/lib/projects/resources/calamw/project/workshop.shtml) developed by the Emerging Leaders project of 2009-2010 to provide easier access to the information on the 21st Century Librarians Seminar Series. It will work with the CALA Web Committee to load this web-page on CALA website.

The Web Committee suggested to move the current content of the Seminar web site as it is because the Web Committee will restructure it later anyway. Since the content currently resides at the University of Illinois at Chicago's server and only Lisa Zhao has the access to it (the University won't allow any outsider to have access), Lisa will move the content to the CALA web site at this time. Due to these reasons, the Taskforce decided to temporarily cease the work of this Taskforce.

As the chair of this Taskforce, I feel sorry for not giving the members of this Taskforce enough chances to extend their potential and skill. The members of this Taskforce have expressed high enthusiasm to serve. I do appreciate the members' input for this task when it started.

I recommend :
* to resume the task with the Web Committee in re-structuring and re-arranging the seminar web site after the content is completely transferred to CALA web site. Whether this is necessary will need the Board and the Web site Committee's review of the task.
* Alternatively, the Web Committee can absorb some members.

Reported respectfully by

Lisa Zhao (Chair)