Sally C. Tseng Professional Development Grant Committee

Member Roster:
1)    Liana Zhou (Co-Chair)
2)    Elaine Dong (Co-Chair)
3)    Ying Xu
4)    Julin Pan
5)    Maria Fung
6)    Ex officio:   Sally Tseng

Is this an interim or annual report?: X Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

1. Discussion among the co-chairs and the founding donor of the Grant to understand the charges and to plan the action plan.
2. Developed a plan of action for this committee as follows.
3. Document retrospectively the terms of the donation and agreement between the donor and CALA.  (by April of 2011)
4. Work with the Handbook Committee and Constitution and Bylaws committee to update the existing status and guidelines of the committee.  (by April of 2011)
5. Solicit proposals and applications to select winner(s) of the Sally C. Tseng Professional Development Grant starting in April, 2011; inform CALA Executive Director and CALA President the recommendations before annual board meeting in July 2011. The theme for proposals and applications will be on disasters’ preparedness, recovery and preservation of library collections. (initial discussion starts in December, 2010)

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board: