Best Book Committee

Member Roster:
• Hong Cheng (Co-Chair)
• Shuqin Jiao (Co-Chair)
• Miao Jin (2010-2012) Withdrawn in November
• Hongyu Li (2010-2011)
• Guoying Liu (2010-2012)
• Leo Lo (2010-2012)
• Warren Wright (2010-2011)
• Xiuying Zou(2010-2011)

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:
• Reviewed the committee charges
• Discussed the book selection scope, categories, and criteria
• Delegated and assigned team coordinators to specific tasks and assignments
• Submitted the BBC action plan to the President
• Drafted the BBC description for CALA Handbook
• Drafted the BBC Guidelines and Procedures
• Drafting "Call for Recommendation" (to be completed by December)

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:
1. Handbook committee description format:
While drafting the BBC description for CALA handbook, we realized that the description formats were inconsistent from one committee to another, some committee descriptions are very detailed and some are very brief. We recommend that there should be a standardized committee description format and requirement for each committee to follow.
2. Obtaining books from publishers
Members from the previous Best Book Award (BBA) committee expressed that the most difficult thing from BBA was to obtain the recommended books from the publishers. We foresee this issue may be amplified due to a larger scope of categories that the committee members have to screen and review. All BBC members are required to read the recommended short list for the final vote. We hope the Board will take a proactive role by encouraging publishers to support this endeavor.

Respectfully submitted,

Shuqin Jiao on behalf of BBC