Midwest Chapter

Member Roster:
Ning Zou
Instruction Coordinator
Rebecca Crown Library
Dominican University

Vice President:
FuWaye Bender
Brand & Social Media Marketing Strategist

Mingyan Li
Harper College

Web committee:
Chair: Xiaocan Wang
Assistant Librarian
Digital Repository Librarian
University Digital & Archival Services (Administration)

Linda Wen
Head of IT
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Fang Wan
Student, Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne

Hong Chen
Instruction and Reference Librarian
Indiana Southeast University

Research and Discussion committee - Digital Archives:
Chair: Mingyan Li
Members: Sharon Hu, Director, Technical Services, Chicago State University Laura Fu, Student, Graduate School of Library and Information Science; Linda Wen

Conference Planning committee:
Chair: FuWaye Bender
Members: Hong Chen

Public Relations committee:
Chair: Ning Zou
Members: Yi Han, Outreach Librarian, IIT

Membership Committee:
Chair: Sherab Chen, Assistant Professor and Coordinator for Non-Roman Cataloging, Cataloging Department The Ohio State University
Members: TBA

Nomination and Election Committee:
Chair: Jen-Chien Yu, Electronic Information Services Librarian/Data Specialist at Miami Universit, CALA MW immediate pass-President
Haiwang Yuan, Professor, Special Assistant to the Dean for Web & Emerging Technologies Lisa Zhao, Clinical Associate Professor, Cataloging Librarian, University of Illinois at Chicago

Is this an interim or annual report?: Interim report
List significant activities the committee has done since last report:
New Initiatives:

1. Mingyan Li, Treasuer of the CALA MW,Cataloger at Harper Colelge, and Sharon Hu, Director of Technical Services, Chicago State University, initiated the Research and Discussion Committee.

Committee goal
Research and Discussion Committee is a newly established committee since year 2010. Our goal is to support professional development by helping chapter members to keep up with new trends, cutting edge technologies in library field. We will pick one main topic per year. Year 2010-2011, our discussion will focus on "digital repository" and related technologies and practice, such as metadata, digital initiatives...

Accomplishment of first quarter
Our first project is to start the discussion on "Digital Repository".
With web committee's help, a Google discussion group is set up for our discussion group - CALA MW Chapter Research and Discussion Group. Committee chair will act as the owner and moderator of the discussion group.
An announcement has been sent to CALA members to encourage more members to be involved in our discussion group. Any comments, ideas, questions on this topic and related area such as metadata, digitization, institutional repository, etc. are welcome to be posted on our discussion board.
The feedback for our announcement from CALA members is quite positive. We already received more than 10 requests from CALA members to join CALA MW chapter Research and Discussion Group. We already have about 10 members in this group.

Future projects
An e-forum will be held in December or January, 2011 depends on the schedule of all members to discuss basic concept of digital repository and related area. The committee chair will hold this E-forum. The details of this project will be submitted separately.

2. Xiaocan Wang, Chair of the Web Committee, has led the team investigating web templates to redesign the CALA MW 2010-2011 Website. The committee members also worked closly with the Research and Discussion Forum Committee to set up listserves and provide technical support.

3. FuWaye Bender, Chair of the Conference Planning Committee, took the lead of planning for next year's Chapter annual conference.