2015 CALA Strategic Plan Taskforce

Member Roster:
o   Liana Zhou (Chair) zhoul@indiana.edu
o   Dongmei Cao caod@cofc.edu
o   Suhua Fan sfan@ua.edu
o   Mengxiong Liu mengxiong.liu@sjsu.edu
o   Linna Chien Yu linnacyu@yahoo.com
o   Haiwang Yuan haiwang.yuan@wku.edu
o   Sha Li Zhang slzhang@uncg.edu

Is this an interim or annual report?: X Interim Report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:
- Develope an action plan as follows
1) prepare a message to CALA members and send the existing Strategic Plan to the membership via CALA website and ask for their response and reflections on the issues and priorities outlined in the Strategic Plan, by November 1st.
2) collect all CALA member's response and communicate with the member if necessary (by the end of December)
3) incorporate member's suggestions/response to the existing Strategic plan, and send a revised strategic plan to the Board by the end of December.

- Establish a webpage (with help from CALA Web Committee)
- Solicite CALA members' input for the draft version via CALA listserv

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board: