Membership Committee

Member Roster:
Li Zhang (Co-Chair)
Hong Ma (Co-Chair)
Xue-Ming Bao
Jie Huang
Lulu Wang
Bin Zhang
Guoying Liu

Is this an interim or annual report?: Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:
1. Collected, recorded, and classified information of new members who joined CALA since June 2010.
2. Corrected and updated renewal member information.
3. Worked closely with the Web Committee in improving the Online Membership Directory and the Online Membership Application Form. We reported problems and made several recommendations to the Web Committee, such as online directory export function, required fields to complete member application, etc.
4. Sent out welcome messages to new members, renewal reminders to active/life members.
5. Formed three subcommittees (project groups) to carry out the tasks and projects of the committee:
• Membership Directory Subcommittee
• Member Recruit and Outreach Subcommittee
• Membership Retention Subcommittee

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:
1. If funding is available, send a post card to each CALA member (including inactive, active, and life members) to wish them Happy New Year. If no funding, may consider send an electronic New Year card via the CALA-Listserv.
2. Make it clear in the online CALA Membership Application Form that the membership payment is required with the application form.
3. Explain on the CALA website the ways that international members can pay their membership fee.
4. Urge each CALA chapter keeps their own up-to-date chapter member directory. This directory can be in Excel file format, listing member name, work place, and contact information. The Membership Committee does not have excessive labor and time to maintain seven different chapter directories.