Northeast Chapter

DATE:  January 10, 2009

Esther Lee, President,
Li Sun, Vice-President,
Hung-Yun Chang, Financial Manager,
Ai-Hua Chen, Secretary,
Lina Ding, Membership Chairperson,



Two major activities highlighted the past six months:

1.  On July 7, 2008, three librarians from Dongguan Library, China, visited New York City on their way home after the 2008 ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, California.  Their names were:  

Li Yingchang, Associate Director and Librarian
Cai Bing, Assistant Director and Associate Librarian
Zhang Lina, Assistant Librarian

Songqian Lu, President of the CALA, Northeast Chapter, 2007-2008, arranged library tours for the above librarians at the New York Public Library and at the Queens Borough Public Library.  She asked Maria Fung, the past President of the Northeast Chapter and the World Language Materials Specialist of the Brooklyn Public Library, to chaperone them on these visits.

The librarians visited the Mid Manhattan Library and the Research Library in the morning and went to the Queens Library in Flushing in the afternoon.  They were interested in learning about the general operations of public libraries in NYC.

Fu Mei Yang, Head of the Mid Manhattan Library’s Health Information Department received the group at the Mid Manhattan Library.   Xie Qi, Librarian at the Asian and Mid Eastern  Division of the main New York  Public Library, gave them a tour of the Research Library.  Both NYPL librarians answered many questions in reference to collection development and customer services.  

Chi-Chun Hsieh, Senior Librarian at the Queens Library and Ex-President of the Northeast Chapter, gave a tour of the Flushing Community Library, including the International Resource Center.  The group was especially impressed with the very busy customer flow there.  Chi-Chun and Maria answered questions on ways to address issues on materials challenged, rotating collections, and material acquisitions for multiple locations.  In exchange, we learnt about the Dongguan Library’s special services, such as their 24-hour service and book slot machines.

The librarians found the visit both informative and interesting.  They thanked the Northeast Chapter for helping them with such good arrangements.

2.  On Wednesday, 11/26/08, the Northeast Chapter partnered with the International Resource Center of the Flushing Community Library in presenting an evening of Chinese Instrumental and Vocal Music.  The program, made possible with a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation, was performed to a capacity audience of over two hundred people in the Library Auditorium, 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

The nine musicians for the first part of the program were talents from the Chinese Music Ensemble of New York, a non-profit organization founded in 1961, whose main goal is to promote Chinese music.  The Ensemble is the oldest and largest Chinese orchestra in the United States.  Its Special Project Director, Dr. Josephine Yeh, introduced the various instruments and players, and made comments on the music.  The ensemble playing was excellent, and various instruments, such as the gaohu, pipa, erhu, dizi, banhu, and chin were featured.  A noted soprano, Feng Xue-Zhen, sang two popular Chinese folk songs, before the whole ensemble played “In a Festive Mood’ to a grand finale.

Following was another performance on six Chinese jade music instruments (including the pipa, erhu, and chin), brought over from Beijing by the China Zhongtian Jade Art Delegation.  The Delegation was invited to perform in New York by Carol Gee, the former President of the Northeast Chapter.  Carol met the leader of the Delegation, Shao Zhongtian, at Beijing.  When Carol learnt that the Delegation was to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., she immediately asked the Delegation to participate in the CALA’s concert in New York, which was to be held right after the Delegation’s Washington performance.  Fortunately the Delegation agreed.  

The carving or workmanship on the rare jade instruments was a marvel, and the Zhongtian group’s performing artistry was of a very high caliber.  Many in the audience went up to the stage to admire the instruments and talk to the musicians after the program.  

The event was a big success.  “Beautiful” and “wonderful” were among the complimentary words given by the appreciative audience to the program monitor.

Respectfully submitted by

Esther Lee, Chair
Northeast Chapter