Taskforce on Helping Taiwan Libraries Destroyed/Damaged in the 88 Morakot Typhoon

Date: 31 Dec. 2009

Member Roster:

Tze-Chung Li (Co-Chair), Sally C. Tseng (Co-Chair), Hwa-Wei Lee (Consultant)

Members :  Vincci Kwong, Esther Lee, Shu-Hua Liu, Karen Wei, Cathy Yang, George Yi,

Xudong Jin (President, Ex-Officio), Haipeng Li (Executive Director, Ex-Officio), Shuyong Jiang (Treasurer, Ex-Officio)

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Background Information

The news broke our hearts when we heard and read about the August 8, 2009 Morakot Typhoon and its monstrous floods that ravaged the south of Taiwan and left at least 700 people dead or missing in addition to thousands homeless while many buildings were destroyed.

In the spirit of helping our library colleagues in Taiwan, in mid-August 2009, President Xudong Jin appointed a Taskforce on helping affected library staff/libraries suffered/damaged in the 88 Morakot Typhoon. 

Taskforce's Charge:

The goal is to raise funds to help rebuild libraries' collections that have been destroyed or heavily damaged by the strongest winds, storms, and floods ever seen during the last 50 years.  The Taskforce will

  •   work with the Library Association of China (LAC) in Taiwan on the needs of librarians and libraries.
  •   work with the CALA Treasurer on book keeping of donations.
  •   send an official "Thank You Letter" and a receipt to each donor.
  •   make recommendation to the Executive Board on use of the Relief Fund raised.
  •   report to the CALA Board and publish reports on CALA Newsletters.


List significant activities the Taskforce has done:

1.  The CALA Executive Board held an online discussion in August and they approved a Call for Donations.  CALA President Mr. Xudong Jin issued a Call for Donations to help affected librarians and libraries damaged or destroyed  by the 88 Morakot Typhoon.  The Taskforce has issued periodical Calls for Donations on the CALA listserv, CALA Web and reported in CALA Newsletters thereafter. We created a Webpage at http://www.cala-web.org/node/939 (thanks to Vincci Kwong).


2.  The Taskforce invited the LAC to work with us by assisting us in the identification and distribution of the CALA Morakot Typhoon Relief Fund that we will raise for libraries that were damaged or destroyed by the disaster.  Our chief contacts are Dr. Joyce Chao-chen Chen, President of LAC, and Ms. Wei Peng, Secretary General of LAC.  Dr. Chen has extended LAC's  deep appreciation of our friendship and love to Taiwan's librarians and showed their willingness to work with the Taskforce.  She has sent us information on the disaster including links to the damages of libraries and LAC's fundraising plan.  


a.  Links to Information on Morakot Typhoon provided by Dr. Chen, Dr. H. W. Lee, Esther Lee, Sally Tseng and Cathy Yang.



b. No library staff were injured and the Taskforce's name was changed


Dr. Chen informed us that fortunately, no library colleague was injured during the disaster.  In order to reflect the focus of the Taskforce, the Taskforce's name was changed from: CALA Taskforce on Helping Library Staff/Libraries Suffered/Damaged in the 88 Marakot Typhoon in Taiwan,  to: CALA Taskforce on Helping Taiwan Libraries Destroyed/Damaged in the 88 Morakot Typhoon.


c.  Damages and losses to libraries were overwhelming in Southern Taiwan:


  •   Among the 150 public libraries, many were heavily damaged and one public library was completely destroyed. 
  •   More than 45 schools and their libraries were heavily damaged.  Among them 14 schools together with their libraries were completely destroyed.
  •   Losses of ruined books, materials, computers, equipment, furniture and book mobiles are estimated at NTD 50,000,000.00 = US$1,560,000.00. 
  •   These figures do not include ruined buildings.


3.  Donations for the CALA 88 Morakot Typhoon in Taiwan Relief Fund

a.  Donations via Paypal and Personal Checks:


After hard work by several people, the Paypal link was setup at http://www.cala-web.org/node/939 for donations using Paypal.  The Taskforce welcomes donations by personal or cashier's checks because Paypal charges fees so the full amounts of donations will help rebuilding libraries' collections affected by the Typhoon.  During the months of August and September, Dr. Shuyong Jiang, CALA Treasurer, was out of town working on the Institute of Museum and Library Services' "Think Globally, Act Globally" China/U.S. Librarian Collaboration Grant Project Project.  We are thankful to Haipeng Li, CALA Executive Director, for his big help in emailing Sally Tseng the information of donors and amounts received so she can send CALA's official Thank You Letters and Receipts to donors on a timely basis.


b.  Donors, Amounts and Acknowledgement


We would like to sincerely thank the generous donations from the following donors, for helping Taiwan Libraries heavily damaged or destroyed by the 88 Morakot Typhoon.  As of the end of December 2009, they are: 


CALA HQ          $1,000             

Marian Chou       $   100

Min Chou            $   100

Yulan Chou         $   200

Mary Ann Collins $100

John Drobnicki  $     50

Fred J Gitner      $     15

Nancy Hershoff $   100

Lydia Hsieh        $   100

Rosa.Hsu           $     50

Shuyong Jiang   $    50 Xudong Jin          $   120

Esther Lee        $   300

Hwa-Wei Lee  $   100

Sheila Lee        $1,000

Tze-chung Li    $   100

Haipeng Li        $   200

Shu-hua Liu      $   100

Wei-ling Liu      $   100

John Ma           $   100

Julia Martin       $     50

Cecilia Poon     $   100

Lan Shen          $   100

Julie Su             $   100

Sally Tseng           $500

Chengzhi Wang  $  50

Maggie Wang       $100

Karen Wei           $100

Cathy Yang          $500

George Yi            $100

Harriet Ying          $100 Priscilla Yu          $100

Jiin-Jiin Yuan        $  20 

ShaLi Zhang         $100 

Lisa Zhao             $  50



Total donations raised =  $6,055.00 - $58.11 (PayPal Fees) = $5,996.89  -- This amount is what CALA actually received.


We have sent an official CALA "Thank You Letter" and a "Receipt" to each donor. 


During this economic hard time, we are very grateful to see that we have raised the above amount for this Relief Fund for our colleagues in Taiwan.  Especially, during the last two years, some people's income have been reduced quite a lot, and many have suffered furlough without pay, huge investment losses, and so forth.  We deeply appreciate the fact that our donors are there to support CALA's humanitarian causes and have contributed to help librarians and libraries in disastrous areas.  We also want to thank the Taskforce members for their valuable advice, information, contributions, and hard work for the Taskforce.


We have learnt that the government in Taiwan has already taken actions in providing funds for relief efforts. We feel that we have done enough for this particular disaster at this difficult economic time.  Therefore, the Taskforce will discontinue calling for donations for this CALA 88 Morakot Typhoon Relief Fund.

c.  Request LAC to Recommend 2 Libraries to Receive CALA's Morakot Typhoon Relief Fund.


In December 2009, an agenda item was added to the LAC Annual Meeting on the Taskforce requesting that LAC recommends two libraries to receive the CALA's Morakot Typhoon Relief Fund in support of rebuilding their library collections.  We also requested LAC members to authorize the LAC Board to discuss the details and to make decisions.  We are awaiting to hear from them.




The Taskforce recommends presenting a check to LAC's Head of Delegation, in the amount that we will have raised by June 2010, at the CALA Awards Banquet during the 2010 ALA Annual Conference to be held in Washington, D.C. in June.  This check is from the donations of the CALA Morakot Typhoon Relief Fund raised in support of two libraries in Taiwan affected by the disaster in August 2009 for rebuilding their library collections.


Respectfully submitted by,


CALA Taskforce on Helping Taiwan Libraries Destroyed/Damaged

by the 88 Marakot Typhoon.


Tze-Chung Li               Co-Chair          IL         chiamonline@att.net                 

Sally C. Tseng  Co-Chair          CA       sctseng888@yahoo.com

Hwa-Wei Lee              Consultant        FL        hwaweilee@hotmail.com         

Vincci Kwong              Member           IN        vkwong@iusb.edu

Esther Lee                    Member           NY      eylee888@gmail.com

Shu-Hua Liu                 Member           CA       shuhualiu2000@yahoo.com

Karen Wei                   Member           IL         kwei@illinois.edu         

Cathy Yang                  Member           D.C.     cyan@loc.gov

George Yi                    Member           TX       georgeyi2006@yahoo.com

Xudong Jin                   Ex Officio         OH      xdjin@owu.edu

Haipeng Li                    Ex Officio         NJ        haipeng4cala@gmail.com

Shuyong  Jiang  Ex Officio         IL         shyjiang@illinois.edu


Sally C. Tseng
CALA Honorary Executive Director, and Co-Chair

CALA Taskforce on Helping Taiwan Libraries Damaged/Destroyed in the 88 Marakot Typhoon

P.O. Box 4992, Irvine, CA 92616-4992
Phone: 949-552-5615

Email: sctseng888@yahoo.com