Sally C. Tseng Professional Development Grant

Member Roste:
Esther Lee, Co-Chair,

Wenxian Zhang, Co-Chair,

Jian Anna Xiong,

Liana Zhou,

Sally C. Tseng, Ex-officio,

Is this an Interim or Annual Report?   Annual Report

List significant activities the Committee has accomplished since the
last report submitted in December 2009:

Since the update of the Guideline
for the Sally C. Tseng Professional Development Grant in December 2009,
solicitations for applicants for the Grant was announced to all members on the
CALA listserv twice, once in December 2009, and another time near the due date
in March.

Eight members responded, and sent
in their application packages electronically.

Each member was immediately
notified of the receipt of the application package.

Upon receiving the eight
packages, the Committee read, discussed, and devised a method for each
Committee member to select three top candidates, and give each candidate a
number of one or two or three, with three being the highest rating.  As a result, the applicant with the highest total
numbers became the winner.  The selection
was unanimously approved.

Each applicant's due answer was sent
out in April. 

Announcement of the winner, Ying
Xu, was publicized on the CALA listserv in May, and will also appear in the
coming CALA Newsletter.

Below is the publicity:

On behalf of the Sally C. Tseng Professional Development Grant
Committee, we are happy to announce that Ying
Xu is the winner
of the 2010 Sally Tseng
. Ying will be awarded a check of $1,000.00
at the Chinese American Librarians Association Awards Banquet on Sunday, June
27, in Washington, D.C.,
during the 2010 Annual Conference
of the American Library Association.

Ying is the Arts and
Letters Librarian
at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library in California State University in Los Angeles.  Her proposed research is titled Beyond Words
and Into Action
: Library Services for the Language Minorities. Since Los Angeles is "the most ethnically
diverse city in the United States",
Ying's research will aim at enhancing library services to the increasing number
of new immigrants and minorities from Asia and
other countries, an area critically
needing attention
. Her emphasis is on the educational, informational and
recreational needs of the Chinese minorities in the greater Los Angeles area, and she will show how those
needs could be met.

Ying received her Bachelor
of Arts
degree from Fudan University in Shanghai,
China, with a
major in English.  She was awarded a Master of Arts degree from Leeds University
in the United Kingdom,
with a major in Linguistics.  Following,
she received her Master of Library
degree from Rutgers University in New

Besides being well educated and having worked in the
academic library field for twenty one years, Ying has published many outstanding articles and presented many well-received conference
papers and
invited speeches,
locally and abroad.  Her high level of
scholarship and generous volunteer work were praised by her peers and supervisors

Ying is a life member
, and has continuously served
pro bono for many years
in various Committee work, including that as the President of the California Chapter, as
a fund raiser for her Chapter, and as one
of the Board of Directors
of national CALA.  Ying has received quite a number of Certificates of Appreciation for her
library and community services.

We have confidence that Ying's research on library services
for minorities will be another of her success. 
Among a strong pool of eight candidates for the Sally C. Professional
Development Grant, Ying Xu is our top winner!

Respectfully submitted by

The Sally C. Tseng
Professional Development Grant Committee

Esther Lee, Co-Chair

Wenxian Zhang, Co-Chair

Jian Anna Xiong

Liana Zhou

Sally C. Tseng, Ex-Officio