2009-2010 President's Annual Report

Dear Colleagues:

This is my last report serving as the CALA President. I can't believe eleven months of the year of my CALA presidency already passed. To review the past eight more months' Board, committees, taskforces, and chapters' work, I am very pleased that we have achieved great progress in many areas.

The CALA 21st Century Librarians Seminar Series continues making achievements. Except two teams go to China, one to Shanxi University and the other to Yunnan Agriculture University this early summer, we are working a new contract for September 2010. More and more CALA members applied and will join these seminars. Under the cooperation of the International Relations Committee and the leadership of the CALA Executive Committee, the CALA 21st Century Librarians Seminar Series develops in a healthy way and has raised CALA's reputation.

CALA is pleased to be in partnership with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to work with the Library Society of China on the Think Globally, Act Globally IMLS grant project. A delegation of 10 Chinese library directors from provincial libraries in China visited the U.S. in July 2009 as planned. Fifteen CALA members participated in the three continuing education programs professional in China in 2009. Two teams went to China in March and May, and one team will be in China in July 2010. Currently we have two teams from China visiting us and will join our CALA 2010 Award Banquet in Washington D.C. on Sunday, June 27th. The Think Globally, Act Globally Project Director Shuyong Jiang and other people worked very hard to make these happen and success. Please visit http://www.library.illinois.edu/China/overview.html for details.

We established a CALA Alire Initiative Taskforce to work on the CALA Family Literacy Project in July 2009. Under the Co-Chairs Nancy Sun Hershoff and Dora Ho's leadership and TF members Jen-Chien Yu, Liana Zhou, and Ning Zou' hard work, the TF created a great project proposal and budget plan in less than two months. The two documents were accepted by ALA. CALA received a one-time payment of $3,000.00 and addition of $1,000 from ALA for working on the project of the ALA Alire Presidential Literacy Initiative. Also, ALA will have a panel presentation on the Family Literacy Focus at the Annual Conference in Washington DC. in June 2010.

This Family Literacy Focus Project is a high profile ALA presidential initiative this year. In the past, CALA has had an excellent track record of showing support for major ALA initiatives and programs, e.g. Emerging Leaders and other ALA scholarship initiatives. It is imperative that CALA identify worthy causes that contribute to the advancement of librarianship and the visibility of both ALA and CALA and then make strategic monetary investment to further the causes. To show strong support of President Alire's family literacy initiative, one of the CALA online Board meeting decided to make a significant matching contribution of $1,500 to ensure the success of the ALA/CALA Family Literacy Focus Project implementation. Thanks to the Family Literacy Focus Project Taskforce Co-Chairs and all the members for having recruited four libraries to join the project. The four libraries are: Cleveland Public Library in Ohio, University of Miami Library in Ohio, Middlebury Community Public Library in Indiana, and San Francisco Public Library in California. With other ALA Caucus teams, the CALA Family Literacy Focus Project will present at ALA in Washington D.C. Congratulations to their achievement and thanks to their hard work!

On November 23, 2009, Yingbo Zhou, a Master student in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science(GSLIS) in University of Illinois at Urbana & Champaign (UIUC) and the President of the GSLIS Chinese Students group, had a car accident, and passed away. After we heard about the sad news, CALA Executive Committee, CALA Midwest Chapter, some CALA committees, and CALA members tried the best to help Yingbo and her family. The CALA Executive Committee had online meetings and quickly made several actions. One of these actions was to financially support the family. After coordinating with the CALA Scholarship Committee, a $1,000 CALA Scholarship was decided to grant to Yingbo and the money used for her burial expense. We also decided a CALA representative, Shuyong Jiang, CALA Executive Committee member and Treasurer, to attend the memorial service. Flowers from CALA was sent out. A call for donations to help Yingbo's family was sent to all the CALA members by the CALA Membership Committee Co-Chairs Songqian Lu and Elaine Dong. The CALA Midwest Chapter started actions to help Yingbo's family very quickly and effectively. Jen-chien Yu, President of the Chapter, attended the memorial service from Oxford, Ohio. Many CALA members working or studying at UIUC played important roles in the nearly two weeks. They are Lian Ruan and her students Qian and others, Shuyong Jiang, Fang Wan, Fei Xue, and many others. I would like to thank all of them for their contributions. They represented CALA's great spirit very well. I received a message saying that "I was extremely touched by the outpouring of support from CALA members for Yingbo Zhou's family, so I was honored to rejoin" (CALA).

Other committees and taskforces have made great progress this year, too. Under leadership of Songqian Lu and Elaine Dong, the Membership Committee continued retaining and reaching out to CALA members by sending out new member announcements and renewal reminders via CALA Listserv; and sending a welcome letter with CALA calendars to each new member. Until May 25, 2010, there are 48 new members and 10 new life members recruited. Congratulations to the Committee's new achievement!

Public Relations/Fundraising Committee, under Co-Chairs Hong Xu and Maria Yuen-Hung Fung's leadership, has made great progress. The grand total for fundraising this year is $4,560.00. Congratulations!

Under Chair Liana Zhou's leadership, the CALA Strategic Planning Committee prepared the 2015 strategic plan for the Board to review. The draft plan is well done. Thanks to Liana and all the members!

Other Committees and Taskforces, such as CALA Taskforce on Helping Taiwan Libraries Destroyed/Damaged by the 88 Typhoon Marakot, Taskforce on Rebuilding Libraries in 512 Earthquake Areas in China, CALA Taskforce on Donations for Natural Disasters Guidelines, ALA Emerging Leaders Program Taskforce, Membership Management System Taskforce, 2010 Local Arrangement Committee in Washington D.C., Review of Emerging Leader Program, 2010 Ad Hoc Election Committee, Reviewing Bylaws on Nomination and Election Process Taskforce, Conference Program Committees, Awards Committee, Best Book Award Committee, Constitution and Bylaws, Finance Committee, Mentorship Program Committee, Publications Committee, Sally C. Tseng Professional Development Grant Committee, Scholarship Committee, Web Committee, JLIS English Editors, CALA Newsletter Editors, all the chapters, and so on, have done tremendous work in short eleven months. I would like to thank all the committee and taskforce chairs and members and all the chapter leaders for their tireless efforts.

Led by previous leaders and with support from our board members and all the members of CALA, our Association has made great progress in the past. Nevertheless, as its President for the past eight months and its Executive Committee member for the last two and half years, I feel we need to do something to make CALA a better, healthier, and more professional organization. I find that the nominating of the annual elections lack transparency and our Bylaws concerning the elections have loopholes. I know change is painful and improvement may take more time than my tenure as CALA's President, but I will do my best to work with all of you for the organizational excellence.

I am so pleased to see that since I submitted my President report for Midwinter 2010 that appealed for more organizational transparency, I have received a great deal of support from the CALA Board and regular members. At our Midwinter and the following three online meetings, many Board members participated in animated discussions to "walk the walk of democracy." These discussions and debates, in accordance with the CALA Constitution and Bylaws, not only helped Board's decision making, but also encouraged Board Members to learn more about the CALA Constitution and Bylaws. This is a positive sign that I have not seen for many years. I really appreciate all the Board Members for their active participation in the discussions. With the same goal to make CALA a better organization, their hard work proves that they are not disappointing the CALA members who have elected them as their representatives.

I have full confidence in our Board Members and CALA leaders. I believe with our concerted efforts, CALA is surely going to be better and better.

In conclusion, I would like to re-state the major goals I want to see achieved this year in my tenure of CALA President:

• Strive for organizational excellence
• Make CALA a leader in global reach initiatives
• Enhance services to CALA members
• Provide educational opportunities
• Advocate for patrons of Chinese heritage, Chinese culture, and Chinese language

Thank you!
Xudong Jin
CALA President 2009-2010