Greater Mid-Atlantic Chapter

major activity for CALA-GMAC for 2010 is to host the Chinese delegation of
librarians between June 19 and 25. Three Chinese librarians are visiting Washington DC
as a part of the IMLS-UIUC Project (Please see the project description and

a host, the CALA-GMAC has been scheduling their activities during their stay
between June 19 and 25. The board has met several times and exchanged e-mail
communication to make contacts with the local libraries, coordinate with UIUC
HQ and confirm the visits. All of the board members have been working hard.

activities for these three Chinese librarians include visiting Library of
Congress on a one-day schedule, visiting Catholic University Library and
discussing with faculty of the library school, visiting Gallaudet University
and talking with the professional librarians who provide services to
handicapped students and faculty, visiting public library system of Rockville
County of Maryland State and Washington DC, visiting academic libraries such as
Georgetown University, visiting special libraries like Freer/Sackler Gallery.
CALA-GMAC is taking advantage of this visit by Chinese librarian colleagues to
schedule face-to-fact meeting with the CALA-GMAC members. We have asked the
three Chinese librarians to give presentations on their project on June 21,
Monday between noon and 1 PM during their visit at LOC. A message has been sent
out to the CALA-GMAC members to encourage them to participate in this presentation
and discussion.

is also hosting the visit of the whole group of Chinese librarians who come to Washington DC to
participate ALA
between June 25 and July 2. The whole group of Chinese librarians is composed
of 22 members-all library directors and librarians from all over China. On July
1, the group is visiting Library of Congress. CALA-GMAC members are invited to
meet with the larger group on July 1 when the group is visiting LOC. Another
report shall be submitted after the event.

board members of CALA-GMAC, Yuan Yao and Ding Ye are also co-chairing the Local
Arrangement Committee for the CALA Gala Banquet on June 27. They are working
hard and coordinating with the CALA HQ on making the banquet a success.

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