OPS Report

Xue-Ming Bao
OPS Editor-in-Chief

have fulfilled the requirement "to produce at least one publication in the OPS
per year" since I assumed the responsibility of the OPS editor-in-chief in July
2009. CALA OPS published one article in March 2010: "Making Our Communities
Greener: A Case Study of Promoting Biogas Energy by Tongwei Evergreen Libraries
in China"
by Wenjie Zhou, Tim J. Zou, and Elaine X. Dong http://www.cala-web.org/files/ops/OPSFeb2010No6.pdf.

paper was recommended by two double-blind peer reviewers. One reviewer wrote;
"Very interesting paper on a highly topical local library-community-state
‘green' collaboration showing China's commitment to recycled energy and how
libraries can contribute. Well done!!" The process of peer reviewing and
revising took about three months from receiving the manuscript on December 9,
2009 to final publishing it on March 4, 2010. I would like to thank the
authors, OPS editors and reviewers for their time, effort and hard work to make
this publication possible. The news of its publication was announced on the
CALA listserv on March 5, 2010.

have made two major efforts to reach out in early September 2009: 1) Sent out
call-for-paper notice through CALA's listserv, and 2) Wrote emails individually
to more than 20 presenters of the CALA 21st Century Seminar Series to solicit
manuscripts. The efforts have resulted in a number of inquiries and one
submission of manuscript that has been published as reported above. I plan to
send out monthly call-for-paper notice through CALA listserv from June to
December 2010.


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