Annual Conference Program Planning Committee (2010-2011)

Min Chou (Chairperson), Sai Deng, Nancy Hershoff, Haipeng Li, Mengxiong Liu, Shuhua Liu, Hanrong Wang, Karen Wei, Yunshan Ye, Bin Zhang, Liana Zhou

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  1. The Committee started the work in mid October right after the committee appointments were made.  Within short time, the Committee had came up with a new pilot project proposal: to work with CALA JLIS Editorial Board to have a best paper contest, and to include one winning author to be one of the speakers at the 2011 program.  By the end of October, a budget request in support of the project was submitted to the board for approval.
  2. By November 2009, the Committee came up with themes for the best paper contest and the annual conference program.
  3. In January 2010, due to circumstances over JLIS that are beyond our control, the Committee had to hold back the best paper contest project, but went on with the conference program planning.
  4. In April 2010, the Committee came up with a theme for the 2011 conference program, "Embracing the Changes: Diversity and Global Vision in a Digital Age". 
  5. The Committee also identified names of potential speakers who are well known scholars and experts in library profession and will lead an exciting program to discuss the challenges facing libraries today, such as issues of cultural diversity as related to the library profession, global outreach and collaboration, and impact of new technology on library services.
  6. In May 2010, invitations were sent out to prospective speakers, and the following confirmations have been received:

Dr. Betty Turock has accepted our invitation to be a keynote speaker. 

Clara Chu, Michael Dowling, Miguel Figuroa, Michael Porter have accepted our invitations to be panel speakers.


The chairperson would like to thank the stellar committee members for their hard work and their contribution of time, efforts, expertise and experience.  Their enthusiasm, professionalism, and resourcefulness have made the planning process went so efficiently.


Respectfully submitted,

Min Chou
On behalf of the 2011 Conference Program Planning Committee