CALA JLIS Editorial Board


Min Chou (Chairperson), Xue-Ming Bao, Nancy Hershoff, Manuel Urrizola, Mark Winston, Xudong Jin (ex-officio), Haipeng Li (ex-officio), Mengxiong Liu (ex-officio),  Hong Miao (ex-officio), Zhijia Shen (ex-officio),

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  1. CALA Editorial Board met in July 2009 during the ALA in Chicago to discuss strategies for the journal's future development, including an initiative of a "best paper contest"
  2. In July 2009, CALA Board approved the recommendations that the immediate past chairperson of the CALA JLIS Editorial Board and the current executive director of CALA be added as non-voting ex-officio members to the Editorial Board. CALA Board also approved the recommendation to clarify the voting status of other ex-officio positions that the chairperson/co-chairpersons of the Publications Committee be non-voting ex-officio member(s) of the Editorial Board, the Editor of Book Reviews a voting ex-offico member of the Editorial Board.
  3. Proposed to the CALA Board to recruit an editorial intern with a small stipend to handle some routine editorial work.  However, the idea of "stipend", intended to be a token of appreciation, was misunderstood as "paying someone to do the volunteer work", and the proposal thus didn't come to fruition.
  4. Promoted the JLIS during the ALA conference in Chicago.
  5. The chair of CALA editorial board met Drs. Meimei Wu, Phoebe Chiu, and other NTNU JLIS colleagues in Taiwan in summer 2009, and exchanged information and development of the editorial work and progress
  6. Solicited papers in many venues, such as IFLA, ACRL-NJ, VALE-NJ, ALA world AALL Asian caucus, APALA, other ALA ethnic caucuses, and more.
  7. Received ten manuscripts and one book review article . Seven papers were reviewed; two papers and one book review article were published in the November 2009 issue of the Journal.  Three papers will be sent to National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) for publication in the April 2010 issue


Future Recommendations:

The "Collaboration Agreement between the NTNU and CALA on the sponsorship of the publication of the JLIS" (the Agreement) provides that NTNU editorial board is responsible for decisions on Chinese manuscripts and CALA editorial board for decisions on English manuscripts.  Once a final decision is made by one authorized editorial board, another board shouldn't step in to conduct de novo again. An unfortunate event happened in November 2009. NTNU bypassed the formal peer review process of CALA editorial board, and published English manuscripts without consulting CALA editorial board first. Worse, NTNU further rejected an English manuscript recommended by referees and accepted by CALA editorial board for publication. This uneven application of the peer-review process seriously undermined the trust and communication between NTNU and the CALA Editorial Board. CALA editorial board strongly believes that the editorial authorities as stipulated in the Agreement must be honored in order to promote the integrity of the Journal.


Therefore, CALA editorial board decided in January 2010 to hold the editorial work in abeyance, pending the final clarification and reaffirmation of the Agreement and its appendixes.  Consequently, all the calls for papers and other initiatives such as the Best Paper Contest were all put on hold, since it is believed that such type of relationship will not be able to function properly. Quite the contrary, it will further erode the good faith, trust and cooperative spirit between the two parties, thereby seriously compromising the integrity of the journal, and the communication between the CALA Editorial Board and the authors, and also rendering the peer review process of CALA Editorial Board meaningless.  


Fortunately, in April 2010, the issue was resolved amicably and the paper which was held back by NTNU Editorial Board previously was published to the satisfaction of the concerned parties. 


It is suggested that the Agreement has to be strictly honored in order to develop further collaboration in the future between NTNU and CALA. It is imperative that the personnel turnover and change at institutional or organizational level in each party shall in no way affect this framework of working model as agreed upon by two parties.


The Chairperson would like to thank Mengxiong Liu and Zhijia Shen, past English editors of JLIS, for their resourceful responses related to the history, practice and development of the journal. Special thanks also go to Haipeng Li and Sally Tseng, who signed the Agreement on CALA's behalf, for their strong support, advice and guidance to make the collaboration work better to benefit both NTNU and CALA.


Action Items for the Board:

Recommendation to renew another term (2010/11 - 2012/13) for Manuel Urrizola (CV attached) and Xue-Ming Bao (CV online at the CALA JLIS Editorial Board. 



Respectfully submitted,

Min Chou
On behalf of the CALA JLIS Editorial Board