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Priscilla Yu, newsletter editor

Sai Deng, newsletter editor

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Annual Report

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1.  Purpose:

The Committee made two calls, one on Feb. 15, 2010 and the second on March 1, 2010, for members to submit current and noteworthy news items involving activities of meetings, conferences, and other such pursuits.  Lively and interesting news of individuals were also welcome, not limited to new appointments, promotions, awards, achievements, and publications.  The list can go on and on as new and interesting activities and accomplishments continually occur.  The chief emphasis is to report outstanding news of CALA members.

The Newsletter is not an archive and doesn't include all the official documents.  We do include the minutes of all Board meetings, and selected committee reports, chapter reports, and others.  If committees and other groups want their reports to be included in the Newsletter, they should e-mail the reports to the editors. THE EDITORS WILL NORMALLY SELECT A FEW SINCE THE SELECTION CRITERIA IS BASED UPON THE QUALITY AND CONTENT OF THE  DOCUMENTS.

2.  Accomplishments:

The Newsletter was well received with many complimentary comments from our CALA colleagues.  The Newsletter has become a powerful tool in promoting and showcasing the accomplishments of
CALA to the library worldwide.  We have even gained compliments from non-CALA members who have read the Newsletters.  The Newsletter's appealing color design and lay out with Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 were due to Sai Deng's work.  Priscilla carefully read through, edited the selected news items, and organized them for the reader.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board

For the layout, we will keep the current format but will apply different colors and themes and add new headings as needed.  We will in the future attempt to standardize column titles.

We recommend highly that CALA members submit pictures with news items.

Priscilla Yu and Sai Deng, co-editors