Midwest Chapter

Member Roster:
Jen-chien Yu, President
Ning Zou, Vice President/President-Elect & Chair, Program Committee
Qi Chen, Immediate Past President & Chair, Nomination/Election
Zhimin Chen, Chair, Web Committee

Is this an interim or annual report?:
Annual report
List significant activities the committee has done since last report:
Midwest Chapter and our members have been very active during 2009-2010.
Below is a summary of activities that we accomplished this year:

I. Midwest Chapter Election
Midwest Chapter Election 2010 was conducted successfully by the Nomination/Election Committee, led by Immediate Past President Qi Chen. We had a very strong slate of candidates. The Election was concluded in early May and Wei Bender was elected as Vice President/President-Elect
2010/2011; Mingyan Li was elected as Chapter Treasurer 2010/2012. Brief professional biographies of the elected officers and other candidates can be found at http://gregson.lib.muohio.edu/~jyu/cala/mw/midwest2010bio.html.

II. Midwest Chapter Annual Program 2010
The Midwest Chapter Annual Program 2010 was conducted and well attended on Saturday, May 22nd at Dominican University, River Forest, Illinois. Many attendees praised the Annual Program as "the best in many years." The program (Theme: Our Value As Chinese American Librarians) started with a keynote address titled "Values Guiding Principles for Today's
Library Service" given by Dr. Li Tze-chung, followed by an outstanding selection of presentations, posters and a panel discussion.

The program and information about presenters and presentations can be
found at http://chapters.cala-web.org/Midwest/program/2010/2010.html. Also, with presenters' permission we have posted their presentation slides/posters at http://librarianshipjumpstart.pbworks.com/browse/#view=ViewFolder&param=Conference%20Presentation%20and%20Handouts. Pictures from the program can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/10171307@N03/sets/72157624031600621/.

The success of Midwest Chapter Annual Program 2010 came from firstly the hard work invested by the Program Committee and the Conference Local Arrangement Committee, both led by Incoming President Ning Zou; secondly, it wouldn't be so successful without all the attendees. We had
more than 25% of Midwest Chapter members attended, many of them were first-time attendees, and several members from other CALA Chapters came and presented as well.

III Student Travel Fund
Supporting student members in Midwest Chapter has been one of the projects that many Chapter past officers and members care deeply about. Our goal is to provide the student members with adequate resources to come to Midwest Chapter Annual Programs or to get involved with CALA/CALA Midwest activities. By doing so, we hope to boost the student members' professional experience and increase the chance for them to compete with others in this tough job market.

This year Midwest Chapter was able to support three student members to come and present at the Midwest Chapter Annual Program. In addition, we raised more fund at the Midwest Chapter Annual Program this year which will benefit our future student members. Our sincere thanks to all the
generous donors.

IV. New Web Site
The project of relocating the Chapter's Web Site is moving along. We have moved or created more content available from the new web space.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:
A toolkit for CALA new members/officers/committee members

Midwest Chapter was not aware that CALA Newsletters would publish Chapter or committee reports IF Chapter presidents or committee chairs requested newsletter editors to. The editors did not mention that requirement in the "Call for Submission" message sent to CALAlist or in
any written CALA documents. As a result, while other Chapter reports were published in the CALA Newsletter 2010 Spring issue, the Midwest Chapter report was left out, and so did other committee reports. We were disappointed about the fact that the Midwest Chapter was not part of
the CALA Newsletter, which is a critical publication that CALA share with members and library professionals.

This instance could have been avoided if we were informed. We would like the Board to consider creating a "toolkit" or a "welcome package" that can help new members, officers or committee members to get familiar with the organization, benefit of being a CALA member, and CALA rules/guidelines. We are certain that this would help newly joined
members as well as members who wish to get involved with CALA activities.