Middlebury Community Public Library, Indiana

Program Description:

In the past, Chinese New Year celebration took place at the library with Dragon Dance, songs, and a play.  Library will once again offer Chinese New Year celebration during this project and recruit families that have adopted Chinese children to participate. Since the coordinator of the project does not read or speak English, Middlebury Community Library will work with local high school teachers that are Chinese to develop theme bags that feature Chinese cultures for the general public.


  • Chinese Food Culture
  • Chinese Folk Art and Craft
  • Chinese Music
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Wedding Traditions in China


Participants could include Chinese teachers in the schools, Chinese families, American families
that adopted children from China, or any family that might be interested.

Materials: Books, CD/DVD and kits or artifacts for the bags.

Progress and Comments:

Since Terry doesn't have anybody who reads Chinese on staff or live close to a big Chinese community, she is having trouble identifying appropriate materials for the program. She has been talking to Chinese teachers in the school district and potential participating families to see if everyone would like to take a quick trip to the Chinatown in Chicago (2.5 hours away). That way they can go to Chinese bookstores and select materials together.