Miami Library, University of Ohio


In this project, the students at Talawanda, as part of their classroom instruction, would create themed culture and literacy bags in both Chinese and English languages, and aimed at elementary-aged children and parents.  Miami University would provide administrative duties of the project, including the purchase and assembly of bags, and technological assistance when necessary. The Talawanda-created bags would then be used at a Family Literacy night, in which students would be able to share with their families what they are learning about Chinese language and culture. 

Upon successful completion of this project, the Family Literacy night would be replicated at multiple schools and public libraries throughout the region.  After this event, Miami University would loan the bags to interested schools and libraries for periods of time, along with
event planning notes and instruction

There are five different bags, each about a different book. They are as follows:

  • In the Snow, by Huy Vaun Lee. Includes
    cards for memory game, a writing/drawing
    activity, and sand activity.
  • Mu Lan. Includes flash cards, personal whiteboards, markers.
  • Lin Yi's Lantern. Includes activity to make
    lantern, memory flash cards, play money.
  • Love as Strong as Ginger. Includes crab
    puppet, Clay, Shrimp soup recipe.
  • The Ugly Vegetables. Includes clay,
    toothpicks, Chinese and English flashcards.

Participating families:

Families will be contacted and recruited through the school district.  

Materials: Bags, Books, and DVDs.  

Progress and Comments:

Librarians met with students and teacher initially to design the content of the bags.  Since Chinese teacher is only at the school for one period each day, it is hard to meet with them constantly.