San Francisco Public Library – Visitacion Valley Branch

Description of project:

Programs and activities will include 5 theme bags with simple children's books that can be read and shared by adults and children together. One of the informational activities will be learning
about a few Chinese holidays and making "tzon-zhi", a traditional Chinese food wrapped in bamboo leaves.  This activity will provide children and their family with a fun and culturally enriching hands-on learning experience. Another event will be special intergenerational story time for children and their families that will include traditional and classic Chinese stories and a chance to enter their names for raffle for some Chinese snacks and prizes. We will work closely with our community partners and local business to promote this
targeted family literacy program.


  • Chinese
  • Classical Chinese Stories (Monkey King, etc...)
  • Chinese
  • Chinese Herbs
  • Health
    and Well-being (養生)
  • Chinese Arts
    (papercutting, paperfolding, puppets, painting,...)

Participating Families:

At least 10 families will be coming to the event on April 17th which is going to teach families how to make Tzongzi and learn about Dragon Boat Festival. Most
families are Chinese-Americans and some are Hispanic-Americans.

for the projects:  Books and DVDs

and Comments:

"I really like it. I like the fact that I could just go to Chinese bookstores and select what I think my patrons will like. Here at SFPL, selecting materials and purchasing are done centrally. Each branch can suggest topics that we would like to collect but not always know exactly what we are getting. However, with the grant money I was able to select materials myself at a bookstore. I selected some interesting materials such as DVDs on tai-chi, comic books
illustrating Classical Chinese stories, books in Simplified/Traditional Chinese, etc.. And to my surprise, I got really a good deal (30% off) at the bookstore so I was able to get more than what I have hoped for", said Wen Chin Chen