Rebuilding Libraries in the Earthquake Disastrous Areas in China

Member Roster:

Sally C. Tseng (Chair), Maria Fung, Esther Lee, Ying Liu, Cathy Yang,
Priscilla Yu, Liana Zhou, Xudong Jin (CALA President, Ex officio), Haipeng Li
(CALA Executive Director, Ex officio), Shuyong Jiang (CALA Treasurer, Ex

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Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since
last report in December 2009:

1.  Fundraising Summary

The Taskforce on Rebuilding Libraries in the Earthquake Disaster Areas in China successfully raised and received a gross total in the amount of US$20,900, minus PayPal Fees equals net income US$20,500.00, for the CALA 2008 China Earthquake Relief Funds.  Among the US$20,500.00 funds, US$10,000.00, as reported earlier, was distributed in January 2009 to 32 Chinese library colleagues who had suffered losses from the May 12, 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake.  Another US$10,400.00 was distributed in July 2009 to 3 libraries in Sichuan as reported below.  There is a balance of US$100.00, donated by Denise Kwan in 2010, in the CALA Earthquake Relief Fund Account.  Thank you, Denise, for your donation.

2.  Three Libraries in Sichuan Received CALA's Earthquake Relief Fund and Purchased Books for their Libraries

Thanks for the able assistance of the Library Society of China (LSC) and for their cooperation with CALA. The LSC distributed, on CALA's behalf, the second CALA's Earthquake Relief Fund in the amount of US$10,400.00 to three libraries that had been destroyed by the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquakes.  The three libraries were:  An County Library, Mao County Library and Wenchuan County Library.  These libraries purchased 2,485 needed books with the Fund. Donations included $5,000 donated by the Medical Library Association (MLA).  These donations helped us in the accomplishment of one of our most important goals, to assist in rebuilding libraries' collections in the earthquake disaster areas in China.

An County Library

Mao County Library

Wenchuan County Library

The above three photos are samples of books purchased by the An County, Mao County and Wenchuan County Libraries in Sichuan Province, China, using CALA-MLA donations from the Earthquake Relief Funds.  CALA-MLA Bookplates are pasted and displayed on the covers.  Thanks to Dr. ShaLi
Zhang, CALA 2008/2009 President, for the design of the CALA-MLA Bookplate.

Dr. Carla Funk, Executive Director of the Medical Library Association, is very pleased to see the tangible results of the donations.  She thanked CALA for helping to direct MLA funds where they would do the most good. 

We want to extend our warmest wishes to the libraries and the people of the earthquake impacted areas for success in their efforts to rebuild the libraries and services destroyed by the earthquakes.  We also want to sincerely thank again our donors, the MLA, and the LSC, the Sichuan Provincial Library, the Library Society of Sichuan, and all the staff at the above organizations, as well as the three libraries for their able assistance and good work.  Special
thanks go to Ms. Gengsheng Tang, Secretary General of the Library Society of China.  We thank her and her staff for helping us in distributing both the Earthquake Relief Funds. 

3.  Libraries Rebuilt from the 2008 Earthquake Areas in China

We are especially gratified to report that some libraries destroyed or damaged by the May 2008 8.0 magnitude Wenchuan Earthquakes have been rebuilt or renovated. Several new libraries in that area were to be dedicated and opened on May 12, 2010 -- two years after the devastating earthquakes struck the area.  We are amazed by the efficiency of rebuilding efforts during the past two years!  These impressive accomplishments were achieved under the strong commitment and financial support of the Chinese national and local governments.  Our special congratulations and best wishes are extended to our Chinese colleagues in the earthquake affected libraries for their effort, hard work and staunch spirit in providing the finest services to users at a devastating time. Their incredible achievements have won our hearts.

4.  Collaboration with Chinese Libraries to Provide Training Seminars on Disasters, Emergencies, Digitization and Preservation.   

This is a noble goal that both library leaders from CALA and China want to provide training seminars on disasters, emergencies, digitization, preservation and other related topics.  However, this goal will only be realized providing that we find funding sources to support trainers to travel to China.  We have been told that such training seminars are some of the most needed seminars in China, especially for library colleagues in rural areas.  Therefore, the Chair, with the assistance of some Taskforce members, will continue to explore ways to achieve this goal as an on-going effort.

5.  Book on China Earthquakes for Sale to Raise Funds for Rebuilding Chinese Libraries' Collections

The Task Force has a few copies of a book titled, 中国汶川抗震救灾纪实 = Reports of the China Wenchuan Earthquakes Rescuing Efforts.  新华社总编室编. 北京: Beijing : Xinhua Press, 2008. 345 pages. The cost is US$32.00 +US$3.00 = US$35.00 per copy. We highly recommend this book to your libraries. 

A few copies have been sent to some people who are working for the Taskforce .  No income from sales of the above book has been received for the CALA Earthquake Relief Fund.

List Taskforce recommendations, if any, to the Board:

Most of the Taskforce's charges established by Dr. ShaLi Zhang, 2008/2009 CALA President have been fulfilled except the goal to Provide Training Seminars on Preparation for Natural Disasters, Emergencies, Digitization and Preservation of Library Collections.  The Taskforce
recommended to the January 2010 Board to include this training as part of the 21st Century Librarians Training Seminar Project.   We expect CALA will include these topics when working on new contract with Chinese libraries in the future for this much needed goal in the Training Seminar Project. 

We recommend dissolving the Taskforce at this time. 


Respectfully submitted by,

Sally C. Tseng, Chair

CALA Taskforce on Rebuilding Libraries in the Earthquake Disastrous Areas
in China