Membership Management System

Member Roster:

  • Songqian Lu (Co-Chair)
  • Bin Zhang (Co-Chair)
  • Heather Huibin Cai
  • Elaine Dong
  • Shuyong Jiang
  • Connie Chow
  • Daniel Xiao
  • Weiling Liu
  • Judy Xiao

    Is this an interim or annual report?

    • Annual report

    List significant activities the
    committee has done since last report:

    CALA Membership Management System Taskforce (MMS
    TF) continued working on the implementation of the full-featured
    membership management system from last year.  The accomplishments of the taskforce are
    listed as follows:

    1.       System implementation

    • Drupal, the content management system to
      support CiviCRM, has been installed on the CALA web server
    • CiviCRM, so called constituent
      relationship management system to manage the CALA Membership database, has been
      installed with Drupal
    • The current membership database has been
      uploaded to the contact module of CiviCRM


    Group online meeting and Project Plan:

    • A group of
      the members from the MMS TF, those who involved in the system installation and
      project planning,
      had an online meeting on May 21, 2010. The highlights of the meeting are:
      • Implementation
      • CiviCRM
        review and configuration strategy
      • Summer implementation


    The MMS TF would like to thank Bin Zhang, Connie Chow, and Weiling
    Liu for their expertise and
    contribution to the implementation project. The time and the efforts they have
    spent with the project are highly appreciated.

    List committee
    recommendations, if any, to the Board:

    There is a web server hosting concern with
    the project implementation. Please see the recommendation from the Web