2010 Ad Hoc Election Committee

Xudong Jin, President of

Zhijia Shen, Chair of 2010 Ad
Hoc Election Committee

May 26, 2010

Subj.: Report on the 2010 CALA Election Result

Cc.: Board of Directors, 2010 Ad Hoc Election Committee

The 2010 CALA election was conducted between April 29th and May 16, with the electronic poll closed on May 11th, paper ballots from abroad postmarked by May 14th, and domestic by May 16th.  Between May 17th and 24th, the Ad Hoc Election Committee members counted both the online and paper ballots.

Because of the glitches in the nominating process, the Ad Hoc Election Committee also was asked to contact candidates who were not on the original slate to obtain their consent to run for the election and their bio information to prepare the ballots. All contributed to the late start of this year's election.

Methods used in counting the ballots include: 1) Total of 150 online ballots were received and independently counted by members of the election committee, zhijia Shen, Dora Ho, and Vincci Kwong; results were compared via email. 2) A total of 45 paper ballots were mailed out. Total
paper ballots returned were 15.  There are no invalid ballots. Paper ballots were opened by Dora Ho, Theresa Webster and Patsy Tuck, Young Adult Librarians of Los Angeles Public Library.

On behalf of the Ad Hoc Election Committee, I present the election result as follows.

Total voted: 165

President Elect:  Ester Lee (143)

Write in: 7

not vote: 15 

Director: Haipeng Li (147)

Write in: 4

not vote: 14

Treasurer: Songqian Lu (99)

Write in: 0

not vote: 11

Ruan Lian (54)

Write in: 0

not vote: 11

Board of Directors:

(46)   Qi Chen
(32) Sai Deng 
 (77)  Nancy Hershoff 
(79) Quoqing Li   
 (44)  Xiaoli Li
(77) Mengxiong Liu
(47)  Weiling Liu
(35)  Frank Xu   
 (42)  George Yi
(48)  Yuan Yao   
 (78)  Bin Zhang
(35)  Wenwen Zhang
(69) Liana Zhou  
(  ) Write-in: ________________


Vice-President/President Elect, 2012/2013

Esther Lee

Executive Director, 2010/11-2012/2013

Haipeng Li

Treasurer, 2010/11-2011/12


Directors of CALA Board, 2010/2011-2012/2013

Nancy Hershoff                               

Quoqing Li

Mengxiong Liu                                

Bin Zhang                           

Liana Zhou             

Warmest congratulations from the Ad Hoc Election Committee to CALA for its newly elected leaders! I also would like to take this opportunity to thank Dora and Vincci for their excellent and hard work and dedication, which ensured the success of the election. There were several
unexpected situations during the election, requiring committee members to communicate with voters to address their questions. It took much extra time and efforts, as well as flexibility on the part of the election committee to move the election forward. Special thanks go to our colleagues at LAPL, Theresa Webster and Patsy Tuck, for giving their precious time to help with opening the paper ballots. Our heart-felt thanks also go to the co-Chairs of the membership committee, Songqian Lu and Elaine Dong, and CALA list serve manager, Bin Zhang, for providing membership information and updates and technical support. During the election, many members renewed their memberships and CALA also recruited new members. Heart-felt thanks also go to Sally Tseng, CALA Honorary Executive Director, for her help with the technical details of the election setup and membership checking. She has given so much of her time and energy to verify
member status and test the online voting system.  Last but not least, our profound thanks go to
Xudong Jin, CALA president, Haipeng Li, CALA Executive Director, and CALA Board,
for their guidance and support.

Thank you and congratulations!