CALA 2008 Election

CALA 2008 Election will be held May 1-15 for the following positions and for ratifying the revisions and amendments of the CALA Bylaws:

  1. Vice-President/President-Elect (2009/2010),
  2. Treasurer, (2008-2010);
  3. Five Directors of the Board (2008-2011);
  4. Bylaws - Proposed revision and amendments.

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee has made the following "Recommendation for Editorial Amendments to the Bylaws", which has been approved by the Board at 2008 Midwinter. According to CALA's Bylaws, "Any proposed amendment to the Bylaws shall be ratified at an annual membership meeting by a vote of two-thirds of the voting members of the Association present at the meeting, or if determined by the Board, by mail or electronic vote of two-thirds of the voting members of the Association." Please review the recommendation below and prepare to vote on the ballot.

Note: "Strikethrough" indicates deletions; "boldface" in square brackets indicates additions:

1. Article IV. Duties of Officers, Section 6/(4) and Section 7/(3) will be amended as: "serve as an ex-officio member of the Publication[s] Committee."

Article IV, Section 2 / (1) will be amended as: "assist the Executive Board [Committee] in carrying out their duties as assigned..."

Reason: These amendments are to make the names of committees consistent with the language in the Constitution and the rest of the Bylaws.

2. Article VII. Nominations and Elections – first paragraph of Section 2

"At least thirty days prior to the midwinter meeting, the Nominating Committee shall present to the president and the executive director a list of nominees to fill the positions of the five outgoing Board members. The number of nominees shall be between five and ten. At the same time, the Nominating Committee shall also submit a slate of no more than three nominees for each of the positions of vice president/president elect and [the] incoming vice president/president elect..."

Reason: The suggested change is to correct an oversight in the document. Background: In an answer to the ALA requirement that all units should plan their annual programs one year in advance, the Board of CALA decided to elect the vice president/president elect one year in advance for program needs. In election 2005-06, two vice presidents were elected (the vice president/president elect for 2005-06 and the incoming vice president/president elect for 2006-07). After the 2005-06 election, only the position of the incoming vice president/president elect is nominated for election every year.

3. Article VIII. Electronic or Mail Vote - first paragraph

"Whenever any action requires a[n] [electronic or mail ballot] vote of the general membership or the Board, the executive director shall prepare the ballots, including instructions for use. The executive director shall notify the membership or the Board of Directors that they may vote, and return the marked ballots to the executive director on or before a specified date. The date so specified shall be no more than thirty days nor [and no] less than twenty days from the distribution of the ballot. The executive director shall oversee the tellers in the counting of all ballots."

Reason: This paragraph covers the procedures of electronic or mail vote by ballot that does not take place at a meeting. Not all actions of membership or the Board will require a vote by ballot unless specified by the Constitution and Bylaws or a Board decision. The suggested changes will clarify when the provisions of this paragraph should apply.

The paper ballots have been sent to members without email. The e-ballots will be sent out soon. And the online voting will be held May 1-15.

Thank you for your participation in this important event!

Shixing Wen
CALA Executive Director