Helping Taiwan Libraries Destroyed/Damaged in the 88 Morakot Typhoon

Member Roster:

Sally C. Tseng (Co-Chair),Tze-Chung Li (Co-Chair), Hwa-Wei Lee (Consultant)

Members : Vincci Kwong, Esther Lee, Shu-Hua Liu, Karen Wei, Cathy Yang, George Yi, Xudong Jin (President, Ex-Officio), Haipeng Li (Executive Director, Ex-Officio), Shuyong Jiang (Treasurer,

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List significant activities the Taskforce has accomplished since the last report submitted in December 2009:

IDonations to the 2009 88 (August 8) Morakot Typhoon-CALA Relief Fund for Libraries in Taiwan


Thanks for the recommendations of the Library Association of China (LAC) (in Taiwan) and to Ms. Wei Peng, Secretary General of LAC, for her aid in coordination. Two libraries that were damaged by the 88 Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan will receive CALA's Relief Fund.  The Fund was raised by the Taskforce from September 2009 to May 2010.  The total amount raised is $6,155.00 - $58.11 (PayPal Fees) = $6,096.89 and the net money CALA received is US$6,096.89.

The two libraries that will receive CALA's Relief Fund are:

Linbian Township Library in Pingtung County, Taiwan 
台灣屏東縣林邊鄉立圖書館, and

Jiashian Township Library in Kaohsiung County, Taiwan

II. Descriptions of the two libraries and their plans for using CALA's Relief Funds: 

A.  Linbian Township Library: 

 About the Library:

The Linbian Township Library is a three-story concrete building located at 197-63, Meihua Road in Yongle Village, near Dalujiao and across from the Linbian Fire Station.  The library director is Qiu Zaiji.  There are 2 full-time staff, 10 volunteers, and 1 assistant. It is a quiet and elegant library setting with excellent lighting. Having obtained funds from the "Public Libraries Special Management Improvement Project" in 2003, the Library completed renovation of the entire building in May 2004. The Library holds a collection of 41,000 volumes, about 50 diverse periodicals, newspapers, and audiovisual material for users to borrow. In addition to book circulation and reference services, the Library also provides computers for users to search for information and organizes a variety of workshops and activities. 

Summary of Damages Caused by 88 Morakot Typhoon

On August 8, 2009, Morakot Typhoon created a great loss to the Library with damage to computers, elevators, air conditioners and non-book materials (DVDs, CDs), and to the floor of the Children's Section.  Because of a lack of funds, the Library could do only partial repairs in order to allow normal Library operations while awaiting subsidization from higher authorities.

3.  Plans for the Usage of CALA's Relief Fund:

a. Acquire books and non-book materials (DVDs, CDs)

b. Purchase computer equipment and software databases.

B,  Jiashian Township Library in Kaohsiung County, Taiwan

1.  About the Library: 

The Library was first established in October, 1982 on the second floor of the He-an Community Recreation Center in Jiashian. Due to insufficient space, a subsidy was procured from government authorities in 1986, and a relocation project was incorporated into the new Jiashian Town Hall
office building construction plan.  A building to the left of the Town Hall was constructed especially for the Library and officially opened for use on May 20, 1989. The Library is located at: 48 Zhongshan Road, He-an Village, Jiashian Township, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan.  Huang Yuchung is the Director. The Library has 2 full-time staff.

The Library occupies 711.48 square meters and currently holds a collection of 34,283 volumes. The first floor is the Children's Reading Room and the computer work station, the second floor is the stack room, and the third floor has a study room and a classroom. The Library organizes a variety of short-term training courses and educational events, such as lectures, to enrich the lives of Jiashian residents.

2.  Summary of Damages Caused by 88 Morakot Typhoon

Due to the 88 Morakot Typhoon in 2009, heavy rain caused major leaking on the third floor of the Library, resulting in much damage to the ceilings and rusting of the light steel framing. The stack room on the second floor was also flooded causing leaking from the ceiling and into walls
of the first floor. In addition, the earthquake in Jiashian on March 4, 2010 caused several cracks on every floor of the Library.

for the Usage of CALA's Relief Fund:

a. Repair the ceilings and walls

b. Enrich the Library's collection

c. Add office facilities(replacing old fax machines, color ink printing machines, and office chairs)



A.  The net money raised and received by CALA for the CALA Morakot Typhoon Relief Fund is US$6,096.89.  The
Taskforce recommends CALA round up the sum to:  US$6,100.00, by subsidizing US$3.11.  Each library will then receive a check in the amount of US$3,050.00 in support of their efforts to rebuild their library collections and equipments.

B.  Esther Lee, CALA's 2nd Vice President and  a Taskforce member will present, on behalf of the Taskforce, the above two checks to Director Kuo-yu Wang, Head of LAC Delegation, at the CALA Awards Banquet during the 2010 ALA Annual Conference to be held in Washington, D.C. on June 27, 2010. 

We expect the two library directors to make a report and to provide a list of acquisitions to be made with CALA's donated Morakot Typhoon Relief Funds.

C.  The Taskforce has completed its charge. We recommend dissolving the Taskforce on Helping Taiwan Libraries Destroyed/Damaged in the 88 Morakot Typhoon.

Respectfully submitted by,

C. Tseng

Li Co-Chair

CALA Taskforce on Helping Taiwan Libraries Damaged/Destroyed in the 88 Morakot Typhoon