Northern Californa Chapter

Member Roster:
Yi Liang  President
Jianye He Vice President
Bin Zhang Membership Officer
Janet Tom and Amy Kuo Program Coordinator
Janet Lin Treasurer

Is this an interim or annual report?:
Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:
The year of 2009-2010 at the Northern California Chapter was wrought up
and down. The new chapter board took office on August 1, 2009 for the
2009-2010 term. Yi Liang (Cataloging Librarian at City College of San
Francisco) is the current president. Jianye He (Bibliographic Librarian
at East Asian Library at the UC Berkeley) is the Vice President. 
Membership Officer is Bin Zhang (Digital Information Services Librarian
at California State University, Sacramento). Two program coordinators
are Janet Tom (Reference Librarian at San Francisco Public Library) and
Amy Kuo (Reference Librarian at Berkeley Public Library). Treasurer is
Janet Lin (Library Media Cataloging Specialist at West Valley College).
1.      Membership
Currently Northern California Chapter has total of sixty seven active
members. Forty one of them are life members.
2.      Membership program
A.      The Northern California Chapter presented a Chinese New Year
program, "American Chinatown: A People's History of Five Neighborhoods
", on Sunday, February 21, 2010 at San Leandro Public Library. The three
hour program, made possible with Nancy Fong at San Leandro Library,
Janet Tom and Suzanne Lo at the City College of San Francisco, combined
with NCA member luncheon meeting and the book talk of Bonnie Tsui. Over
twenty CALA members and guests attended the membership meeting. At the
meeting members discussed the future plans of CALA NCA activities, the
host program of Chinese librarian team on June, and the themes of
programs and banquet at the coming 111th Annual Conference California
Library Association on November, 2010. 
After the membership meeting, Bonnie Tsui gave a book talk program to
librarians and patrons.  At the end 30 books of "American Chinatown: A
People's History of Five Neighborhoods" were given to attendees at prize
drawing. The program was big success.

B.      Jianye He, Vice-President of NCA, has successfully submitted a
program proposal, "Cooperation, collaboration and resource sharing" to
the 111th Annual Conference of California Library Association on April
17th. The program is focus on exploring creative ways to cooperate,
collaborate and share resources among and beyond institutions and
librarians' means for the survival and growth of our professions at this
critical time.  The four speakers for this panel piece will share their
valuable personal or organizational experiences that reflect new
changes or trend in library services, including collection development,
shelf-ready service, open access of e-journals and exploring new user
service mode.

C.      CALA NCA will collaborate with Professor Mengxiong Liu, Diana
Wu, Diane Lai and Shuhua Liu at Martin Luther King Jr. Library at
California State University, San Jose, on the upcoming visiting Chinese
librarians on June 19-25, 2010. A membership program, "Chinese Library
development: library management, organization, trend, and
librarianship", has been arranged on Sunday afternoon, June 20, 2010.
The four Chinese librarians will be visiting seven academic and public
libraries in Bay Area within four days. The itinerary of their visit has
been confirmed by the host team, including librarians of King Library
and Jianye He, Julia Tung and Amy Kuo.  The four Chinese librarians will
visit Martin Luther King Jr. Library, UC Berkeley Library, Berkeley
Public Library, San Francisco Public Library, Stanford Library, Archive
of Hoover Institution, and Rosenberg Library at City College of San
D.      Ja-Lih Lee, formal President of California Chapter 1999-2000,
passed away at the end of 2009. A number of CALA NCA members attended
Ja-Lih Lee's memorial Service on December 14, 2009. Mengxiong Liu,
Professor of California State University, San Jose, read CALA President,
Xudong Jin's condolence letter and presented a $200 check of donation
from NCA members, and sang a song in memory of her. 

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