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Call for nominations for the 2008 CALA Distinguished Service Award

Dear CALA Members & Friends:

The 2007/2008 CALA Awards Committee (Jiun Kuo, chair, Elaine Dong, Jie Huang, Miao Jin, Li Sun) would like to call for nominations for the 2008 CALA Distinguished Service Award.

The criteria are:

  1. The recipient of the award shall have consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement in library and information services at the national and/or international level. Distinguished contributions and services to the advancement of Chinese-American librarianship shall receive special consideration from the Awards Committee;
  2. The Award is a permanent recognition. No individual can receive the award more than once; AND
  3. There will be no special consideration for or against a candidate's age, gender, nationality, or length of service to the profession. The recipient needs not be a member of the Association.

The Distinguished Service Award is established to recognize an individual each year for her/his outstanding contributions to librarianship in general and to Chinese-American librarianship in particular. The word "librarianship" is defined broadly to include the fields of information science, educational media and archives. The award consists of a citation and a plaque. The recipient will be honored at the 2008 CALA Awards Banquet at the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, California.

Please send your nominations, along with nomination materials via email ( to the Awards Committee chair. You may also fax or mail your nominations directly to :

Jiun Kuo Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services Rice University Fondren Library MS 44 P.O. Box 1892 Houston, Texas 77251-1892

fax: (713) 348-5862

Each nomination packet shall comprise items from both the nominator and the nominee:

  1. Formal nomination letter from the nominator;
  2. Three to four supporting letters;
  3. Nominee's vita;
  4. Honors received by the nominee;
  5. Sample publications by the nominee (if applicable); and
  6. Other supporting documentation (if applicable)

The deadline for submission is Friday, May 2, 2008.

Thank you

The 2007/2008 Awards Committee
Jiun Kuo <>, chair
Elaine Dong <>
Jie Huang <>
Miao Jin <>
Li Sun <>


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