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Zhixian Yi, President
Irene J. Ke, Vice President
Kwei-Feng Hsu, Treasurer

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Chinese America Librarians Association
Southwest Chapter
2009 - 2010 Annual Report

CALA-SW Chapter Annual Program
at the Texas Library Association Annual

Many members of the CALA-SW Chapter attended the lunch
get-together from 10:30-12:30 on Saturday, May 30, 2009 at Fung's
Kitchen, located on 7320 Southwest Fwy, Houston, and began to plan for
the annual CALA program at the Texas Library Association (TLA) Annual
Conference during this luncheon. The 2010 TLA Annual Conference was held
at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center from April 14 to April 17,
in San Antonio, Texas.

Our annual program was entitled Managing Change in the
Information Age and was featured by three speakers, Dr. Julie Todaro,
dean of library services, Austin Community College; Ms. Delene DeLaRosa,
director, Quitman Public Library; and Zhixian (George) Yi. This program
highlighted the multiple approaches library leaders used to manage
change in technology, reference, collection development, and

Dr. Julie Todaro is Dean of Library Services at Austin Community
College, which has over 2000 faculty and staff, more than 40,000
students, and over 180 academic programs. Great changes are taking place
at this college, one of the largest institutions of higher learning in
Central Texas. An experienced and well-known librarian, she served as
the President of Texas Library Association, and the President of
Association of College and Research Libraries in the past. She is also a
fruitful author and outstanding speaker. Dr. Todaro holds her BS in
English and History from The University of Texas at Austin, her MLIS
from UT's School of Library and Information Science and her Doctorate in
Library Service from Columbia University's School of Library Service,
New York. During our program, she shared her expertise and experiences
with the audience in terms of how to manage change in academic libraries
in the information age. She introduced and analyzed the twelve
techniques for deali
ng with change through using the specific examples. She discussed and
explained in detail the ten key issues and techniques for dealing with
the 21st century rampant change.

Ms. Delene DelaRosa is beginning her 8th year as Director of the
Quitman Public Library in Quitman, TX, and is a weekly columnist for
the Wood County Democrat.  She is a graduate of Lamar University, has
worked in television news production (at KBMT Channel 12, Beaumont TX),
and has also taught high school English. She most recently earned her
M.L.S. degree from Texas Woman's University. She discussed the multiple
approaches utilized to manage change in public libraries, and shared her
expertise and experiences with the audience.

Zhixian (George) Yi presented his paper on how academic library
directors actually managed change and what factors influenced their
approaches used to manage change in the information age. An email survey
was randomly sent to 1,010 directors of various degree-granting
colleges and universities within the United States; 596 (59%) responded.
The collected quantitative and qualitative data were analyzed using
descriptive (frequencies, percentages, means, standard deviations) and
inferential (bivariate crosstabulations, chi-square tests, correlations,
binary and multinomial logistic regressions) statistics. Multinominal
logistic regression was used to determine the relationships between a
dependent variable with multiple categories and more than two predicator
variables. The qualitative data of the open-ended questions were
analyzed using content analysis. The results demonstrate that most
directors used multiple approaches. The structural and human resource
approaches were the
most frequently used single approaches, although dual approaches were
also common. Correlation and regression analysis confirms that
demographics, human capital data, and library variables play significant
roles in managing change. Regression results show that older directors
and those who worked for a higher academic degree institution were more
likely to use multiple approaches when managing change. 

We had our Chapter business meeting after the program. It was a
great time to get together with the old and new colleagues and friends.
As the President of CALA-SW chapter, I am glad to report that this
year's program was a great success. As Ms. Rosa Hsu said, "It was a
successful event. Irene counted the number of attendees and we had over
60 librarians there. That was a record." We would like to thank all the
people for their attendance and support. We were grateful to Ms. Grace
Gu, Ms. Rosa Hsu, Ms. Klairon Tang, Mr. George Teoh, Ms. Siu Min Yu, and
Ms. Chloris Yue for their guidance, assistance, and support. Special
thanks must sincerely go to Ms. Siu Min Yu for her guidance and help
during this year. The Program wouldn't be able to succeed without them.

The incoming President of the CALA-SW Chapter, Ms. Irene J. Ke,
is putting her team together. She organized a late-spring potluck at her
house on May 29, 2010, which is a social event and hopefully will help
recruit members. We have done what we can to recruit new members.

Respectfully submitted by

Zhixian Yi, President
Irene J. Ke, Vice President
Kwei-Feng Hsu, Treasurer

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