Review of Emerging Leader Program

Force Member Roster:

Qi Chen (Task Force Chair)

Dongyun Ni

Eugenia Beh

Jian Xiong

Ping Wu

Shuhua Liu

The task force was called to
order and met and discussed strategies of the project. The following
individuals were identified the as CALA
recipients for the ALA emerging
leader program for the past a few years. Their membership status was also
provided. However, one member below was not supported by CALA, who enthusiastically participated in the
discussion and responded the feedback to the committee.

  1. Han,
    Yan (Digital Library and Information Systems Team,  current member since 2006-2009,
  2. Jin,
    Holly  (Membership info. Is not
  3. Su,
    Yu (Inactive member 2006-2007)
  4. Kwong,
    Wing Yee Vincci ( Current member 2005-2009),
  5. Zhong,
    Ying (Current member 2005-2009),
  6.  Shuhua Liu (Life member)
  7. Jian
    Anna Xiong (life member since 2001)

The committee developed the following questions sent to
all the above recipients and have received meaningful responses. Below is a summary
of the questions and responses. The questions were focused on the benefit of
the program to the participants and if the program helped their career advances,
and their suggestions for CALA and future

What is the most valuable benefit you received from the program?

stated Emerging leader is a national honor and, being
selected as a recipient is a great encouragement. This
program gave the members opportunity to have more intensive direct contact with
leaders. It brought all members closer and see the similarities and differences
between Chinese American librarians and librarians from other cultures. It is
challenging and encouraging to see the success of these recipients.  We feel valuable to the organization.

It is a great opportunity to know and
collaborate with other librarians to work and complete new project within a few
months. We learned a lot in a short time our different personalities, working
methods, strengths and weaknesses. We cherish this opportunity. Which helped to
grow in leadership. Everyone contributed to the project, though there were some
competitions and pressures, there were also some language and technology

Question 2. Did the program help
you in advancing your career development?

member indicated that the program did not really advance their career
development. However, other members stated that the program helped
them in helping them see and prepare their career from inside - thoughts,  mind, future goals, and confidence -, prepare
necessary skills and characters to become a leader and more important to work
with other excellent leaders.

Question  3. Has the program helped you to set your
goals for professional development?

Recipients indicated that the program did not help them in the area.  

Question  4. Has the program helped you in deciding
which area you would like to pursue in librarianship?

Recipients indicated that the program did not help them in the

Question  5. Any Pros and Cons about the program can
you comment on the program?


Member stated that
the program  

1.    is an opportunity to
know the organizational structure of ALA at large

2.    increases the
professional involvement at higher level

3.    represents CALA and promotes its presence at ALA
national level

4.    enables the
recipients to show their talents and abilities of being leaders.


1.    lack of follow up and

2.    lack of networking of
all emerging leaders to be further structured and enhanced

Question 6. What would you
suggest and recommendations for future recipients?

1.    Keep close contact
with group mentors for guidance to make sure the project is preceded on track.

2.    Open communication with
the project members during the process

3.    Recognize individual
weakness and strength in the process of working on the project

4.    Clear expectations of
the projects and supports from CALA
board members.

Do you think CALA should
continue supporting Emerging Leader Program?

Members suggested that

1.    CALA should continue supporting Emerging Leader Program.

2.    CALA made a longer plan (one year - five-year project
plan) for the recipients to work on so that there is continuity in completing
the project.

3.    Members believe this
is valuable
to encourage new Librarians think early and prepare early for future leader
roles in the profession. This is extremely important to minority librarians
like us - Chinese American Librarians - to pursue leadership and break the
glass ceiling in the American library society.

4.    One other suggestion
is that to support non-CALA
members for the program.

Recommendations from the Task Force:

We recommend that CALA continuous to
support CALA members participating in the program. We recommend supporting two
members per year if budget allows. We also recommend that CALA board review above
suggestions from the recipients to make future programs more productive and
beneficial to our members.


Qi Chen

Review of Emerging
Leader Program Task Force