Publications Committee

DATE: 5/26/2010


Chairperson:     Hong Miao

Members:         Guoying Liu, Hongyu Li, Lo Leo, Yanjuan Zhu, Zao Liu, Lorna Tang

Ex-officios:       Min Chou, Xue-Ming Bao, Priscilla Yu,  Sai Deng,  Elaine Dong,  Songqian Lu

IS THIS AN Interim or annual REPORT? Annual


To continue the project, "Spotlight on CALA Members"

The committee worked to find a candidate for the next "Spotlight on CALA Members". We have selected Sha Li Zhang for her outstanding achievements and accomplishments in the library profession and her exceptional service and contributions to CALA.

The new Spotlight issue is to be published in June 2010 before the ALA Annual.

To continue reviewing the new CALA Web site and making recommendations for improvements to the Web Committee

More input on the CALA Website in regards to its technical design, aesthetics, organization, and ease of site navigation and more:

1. The CALA homepage should have more graphics to be more appealing.
2.  The "What's New?" should not take most of the front page.
The news list is too long. It might be better to just post the 5 most recent events or headline news, and then keep the rest somewhere else and provide the link.
3. Somewhere on the homepage, there should be a brief 2-3 sentence "About CALA".
4. Some pages could be integrated, such as Conferences and Events and Programs and Initiatives, since there are only about 4-5 links provided for each of those anyway.
5. The "Create Content" page doesn't have any content. A page should not be made alive until it is ready to go.

6. A problem with the site is the date appeared on the subpages like "Submitted by vkwong on Sat, 02/02/2008 - 10:55" in and so on. This "2008" date appeared prominently on the top of the pages and it gives a misconception that those pages are so outdated.  Maybe adding a "last updated" date at the bottom will help.



The OPS Editorial Board has received a manuscript submission: "Making Our Communities Greener: A Case Study of Promoting Biogas Energy by Tongwei Evergreen Libraries in China" by Wenjie Zhou, Tim J. Zou, and Elaine X. Dong. This paper was recommended by two double-blind peer reviewers. One reviewer wrote; "Very interesting paper on a highly topical local library-community-state ‘green' collaboration showing China's commitment to recycled energy and how libraries can contribute. Well done!!" The process of peer reviewing and revising took about three months from receiving the manuscript on December 9, 2009 to final publishing it on March 4, 2010.


The Publications Committee (2010-2011) should work collaboratively with the Web Committee to improve the CALA Website; continue the "Spotlight on CALA Members" project; work closely with the OPS editor to solicit manuscripts for the OPS.


Submitted by Hong Miao, on behalf of the Publications Committee