Finance Committee


o          Lian Ruan

o          Shuyong
Jiang (Treasurer)

o          Maggie

o          Ai-Hua

o          Julie
Wang (2009-2010)

o          Raymond
Wang (2009-2010)

o          Kuang-tien
Yao (2009-2011)

o          Lisa Zhao (2009-2010)

o          Lixia
Zhao (2009-2011)

o          Weiling
Liu (2009-2011)

Is this an
interim or annual report?:
Annual report

List significant
activities the committee has done since last report:

Since our last Report in January, 2010, the Committee is
pleased to receive the Treasurer's reports and understand from the reports that
the overall CALA finance is doing well. According to the report, we currently
have a net asset of $131,890.15 as of Nov. 31, 2009. Compared to $124,974.74 in
June 2009, there is an increase of $6,915.41. We have $75,839.58 in four bank
accounts (General Fund, Life Membership Fund, Sally C. Tseng Professional
Development Fund, and Continue Education Fund), $59,556.25 in six special
investments accounts (Scholarship, Huang & Wu, Life Membership, JCLC,
Tseng, & Lai).   

In addition, there are two items not captured in the net
asset above: 1) total donation (to Taiwan Libraries August 2009-December 2009):
$6096.89 (including $1000 from CALA and the rest from individuals); and 2) CALA
Website Advertisement Revenue Summary (2009): $5280 (Charges) and $880.21 (Web)
as of Jan. 19, 2009.

According to Maria Fung from the Public
Relations/Fundraising Committee, they "received $3,200.00 from vendors and
$1,610.00 from members totaling $4,810.00". This amount is not included in the
net asset above.   

List committee
recommendations, if any, to the Board:

The recommendations made by the 2009-2010 Finance
Committee about moving bank accounts to "a neighborhood bank with a high
FDIC-insured CD yield for a year" still make good sense. However, it cannot be
determined from the Treasurer's Report that the recommendations were taken into
consideration and actions were taken. It will be helpful to indicate the
interest rate for each account in the Treasurer's Report.

We also suggest to add a date "as of
mm/dd/yyyy" to the Treasurer's report.